How we came as one

This story is about an 18 year old girl,named Ava.Ava's parents died when she was 7,Ava lives now in quaint Bradford,England with her aunt Cher,uncle Marley and younger cousins,Vanessa and Kate.Ava is apart of the most valuable karate team in England,but she has a very exciting past,like from Twillight or something like that,but when she and her BFF get to win a date with 1D,Will she reveal all,or is it time to go back to Derek?


6. Meting the dates

Ava and Cassie were in the bathroom,fixing they're hair,makeup and,some final touch ups,as the door bell rang."They're here!"The girls shreiked as they ran to the door,"Ok,this is gonna be great!,"Ava said to herself as she opened the door." Uh...hi." The handsome boy said." Wow,"Cassiemurmured under her breath happily." Hi,I'm Ava."She said smiling as she flipped her hair out of her eyes." I'm Cassie!"Her friend exclaimed as another boy,with nice blonde hair and gorgeous green eyes walked up to them."Hi there,I'm Niall!"He said in a cute Irish accent." I'm Zayn." The cute boy with the dark hair and deep hazel eyes said smiling." So,where do we go?"Ava asked as she looked at her Aunt Cher watching secretly in the family room." You can pick!"Niall exclaimed as he took Cassie's hand." Hehehe."Cassie said stupidly as Ava and Zaym facepalmed at they're friends." How about,the restaurant near town?Then we can ride the horses!"Ava said happily as she pointed to the barn." Horses?"Niall said as he dropped Cassie's hand." I want to see!!"He whined as Zayn rolledhis eyes." Ok.Cool!"Zayn said as he followed Ava and Cassie." This is my mare,Stardust!"Ava said as she pointed to the copper mare as she nudged Ava playfully."Oh Stardust."Ava said amused as she rubbed the mare's velvety nose,as she looked at Zayn and Niall,finding them stroking to Stallions." Oh.that's Shadow,"Ava said as she pointed to the horse Zayn was stroking." And he's Flash!"Cassie said pointing to the grey-white stallion Niall was petting." Cool names!Wanna go now?"Zayn asked as Cassie and Ava nodded." Great!"Niall said as he raced to the car and hopped in,watching Cassie,Ava and,Zayn walk to the car smiling.

(((One more filler!Need more ideas:/-M))
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