How we came as one

This story is about an 18 year old girl,named Ava.Ava's parents died when she was 7,Ava lives now in quaint Bradford,England with her aunt Cher,uncle Marley and younger cousins,Vanessa and Kate.Ava is apart of the most valuable karate team in England,but she has a very exciting past,like from Twillight or something like that,but when she and her BFF get to win a date with 1D,Will she reveal all,or is it time to go back to Derek?


11. Back again

Ava woke up with a jolt, as she saw she was on the couch, with her shoulder bandaged up, and her leg bandaged up too. "Derek." Ava muttered under her breath in anger. She stood up and limped to the mirror, as she gasped seeing all the cuts and bruises from last night. Ava sighed as she limped over to the table and sat down. Aunt Cher walked over with a plate of eggs and bacon. "Are you ok sweetie?" She asked worried as she checked Ava's wounds. "I'm fine." She murmured as she stood up away from aunt Cher's grasp. Ava smiled weakly as she slipped on her paddock boots and limped to the stables. She saw Nessa and Kate with Splash and Sterling. "AVA!!" They both yelled as they saw her. "Hey guys." Ava said smiling, as she walked to Stardust's stall. "Hey girl." Ava cooed as she saw scratches and bruises on her. "Oh no." She sighed as she walked into the stall and hugged her horse. Stardust nuzzled Ava. "Sorry girl, you have to recover. I'm going to have to ride Charm." Ava sighed thinking of her other horse, that she gave to her cousin Darcy. "OK, Bye Stardust." She sighed as she kissed her horses nose and walked out of the stall, and into the stall next to her. "Hey Charm." she sighed as she petted the gelding.

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