All Country Girl

Gunner(Girl)loves One Direction but sticks to her cowgirl roots she listens to them but also country her friends try to change her but can't she won't she isn't popular nor as pretty as other girls she thinks but all the boys secretly crush on her.She loves riding hourse.She has a dog a yellow lab his name is troop.she meets One Direction.will they also fall for her?The location of where the story takes place is in Texas.


2. School and Friends

Gunners Pov.

Mom got us up this morning early we all got up we were all wearing the same things except the colors of are plad shirts and jeans I gunner was wearing a plad blue shirt with dark jeans with holes in the knees Hunter was wearing a plad red shirt with medium color jeans with holes in the knees and Brit had a plad pink shirt with light jeans that had holes in the knees.All of are friends are city like. They always tried to change us but it never is going to happen.then are pirnceable called an assembly right away.At the assembly mr.ruler said we have performers and out on stage was one direction my brother was sitting in the middle of me and Brit both of us girls were cryin One Direction saw us cryin on hunters shoulders they thought it was pretty neat all three of us weere wearin cowboy hats and cowboy boots and the same well All most the same outfits after words the concert they found the three of us and asked...

1D-what's your guys names

Gun-Gunner y'all can call me Gun

Hunt-Hunter y'all can call me Hunt


1D-so you all siblings?

All-y'all right

1D-cool y'all wanna hang out with us tonight?

All-sorry y'all we can't y'all can come over though

1D-cool bye

Hunts POV.

We were at home me and gun roundin up cattle from the road then right then One Direction came and stopped to talk.

Them-how y'all doing

Both-good we're just roundin up cattle.

Them-can we help?

Both-sure no how

Them-nope can you show us ?


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