All Country Girl

Gunner(Girl)loves One Direction but sticks to her cowgirl roots she listens to them but also country her friends try to change her but can't she won't she isn't popular nor as pretty as other girls she thinks but all the boys secretly crush on her.She loves riding hourse.She has a dog a yellow lab his name is troop.she meets One Direction.will they also fall for her?The location of where the story takes place is in Texas.


4. Hospital

When I was in the hospital hunt stayed next to me the whole time Liam Payne let hunt use his phone to call mom and dad they came right to the hospital with Brit they found out my room # and saw I was sleeping and hunter was tired but wouldn't go to sleep just to watch me to see if I was told him to go to sleep be he argued and dad said that a good brother would argue with his mom just to be with his sister. They saw me waking up and asked if I was ok I said yes hunt told them I would be out tommarrow so they stayed there to One Direction stayed to.The next morning I was out but cudent ride hourse for 2 weeks I was mad super mad.

6 weeks>>>

So Liam Payne asked me out I said YES Zayn Malik Asked out my sister and hunter and Niall are good friends Louis Tomlinson is Elounors boy friend I got to ride hourse again.

Liam's Pov

I asked out gunner like the name and It fits her very well I'm good friends with hunter and Brit I'm on the good side of Emily and Jason.the lads found things to do like Zayn and Brit are dating.All 5 of us boys learned how to do country stuff.Gunner I don't want her to change I'm not going to make her change I love her for who she is none of the boys will make their girl change. Gunner Gunner Gunner such a cute name for a girl it's more likely to be used for a boy name but for her it's a good name.
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