All Country Girl

Gunner(Girl)loves One Direction but sticks to her cowgirl roots she listens to them but also country her friends try to change her but can't she won't she isn't popular nor as pretty as other girls she thinks but all the boys secretly crush on her.She loves riding hourse.She has a dog a yellow lab his name is troop.she meets One Direction.will they also fall for her?The location of where the story takes place is in Texas.


3. Helpers

Gunners POV

We had to show One Direction how to round up cattle I think Liam Payne has a crush on me he was always looking at me they heard me tell mom I'm packing my super and I'm taking Asher for a ride to an empty field father told me to take my gun hunter said he's coming well whispered it to ma and they asked him if they could come he said sure I'm only goin to spy they said ok. I hoped on Asher and glopped off they flowed they didn't know I took the radio only am and pa did they heard and saw me dancin.hunter saw a ratil snake coming up behind me he was running but was to late it bit my left leg really bad he slit it open and came to me immediately after he called to the boys to help. Niall was ridin with hunt he told the boys to follow him to the hospital they did they were all wearing country clouse and cowboy hats and boots all the girls/fans saw them ride in behind hunter and I.They chased them all the way to the hospital and stayed there they noticed hunt was carrying me in followed by One Direction.
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