All Country Girl

Gunner(Girl)loves One Direction but sticks to her cowgirl roots she listens to them but also country her friends try to change her but can't she won't she isn't popular nor as pretty as other girls she thinks but all the boys secretly crush on her.She loves riding hourse.She has a dog a yellow lab his name is troop.she meets One Direction.will they also fall for her?The location of where the story takes place is in Texas.


1. Gunner

Gunners Pov.

Howdie y'all I'm gunner let me tell y'all something's about me.
I have a brother his name hunter he's 17 my sister's name is Brit she's 15
And im Gunner and I'm 16. there are mom and dad are Emily and Jason 37 and 38 we all pitch in to help out on the farm us kids have pets Hunter has a quater hourse named Joey and a cat named Tom Brit has a pony named Bella and a Bunny named Chipper and I have a stallion named Asher and a yellow lab named Troop.One day Hunter and I were out rounding up all the cattle then a cayote came out of the woods thank goodness the cayote was scared of the hourses.We got inside for super and had burgers all good.Then Hunter asked...

Hunter-Where's Brit?I'll go get her

When we heard hunter yelling as he ran inside telling dad to hurry up out side.
When dad was outside he took me and troop then saw a group of boyz around Brit picking on her.they were her ex-boyfriend and his friends.boy I have never heard my Father yell like that before.All those boys are scared of meand hunter they always listen to meand hunter so my dad called me and hunter to come to him they kept pickin on her so Hunter and I raised are vocies.


Boys: nothin why


Gun: Your pickin on are little sis


Hunt&Gun: Better be. NOW GET OUTA HERE!!!!!

Boys: ok.
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