Crooked Bars

A CSI type story set in 2050 when the laws are stricter; every killer gets caught and every murder is repayed.
12 year old Lauren has an unnaturally high IQ and claims to have killed her brother's girlfriend however all evidence points to her brother Nicky, who is also claiming to have killed his girlfriend. One of them is lying. One of them faces the Death Penalty.


1. cover up?

"She can't have done it!"

"It was her DNA. It was her."

"She's only 12. She was covering for her brother."

"She has the mind and IQ equivalent to a scientist who just won a nobel prize. She was perfectly capable. It was her."

"But...she's only 12."


I'd just finished my pile of paperwork to find another stack conveniently being dumped on my desk.

"Judy, put it in the cabinet. I'll file it all tomorrow, I'm going home."

"Ok," my secretary lifed the sky scraper of paper and I watched amused as she dropped it all and tried desperatly to pick it all up and arrange it in its previous order which wasn't going to happen.

"Judy just leave it. It looks better there anyway."

"Yes Miss Henson." She ambled out the door and I sighed heavily before running my fingers through my hair and chucking my stale coffee in the bin. Judy popped her head around the door again,

"Don't forget, you have a court case tomorrow, 3pm, I'll drive you to the airport myself."

I nodded patronisingly and swore under my breath as she left again. The complexity of the court room was not much to be desired. I had no intention of going to New New York however under the circumstances, I had no choice. I'm the only female detective there is and I don't mean in just New London. I mean in the entire New World. I'm kind of a legacy but I don't boast on it. So anyway that was my morning. I'm now on the plane to New New York reading up on this case. My phone rings its sadistic ringtone of the old fashioned tune 'the birdy song' and as tempted as I am to throw it out the window and let it fall, I answer.

"We need you back at Headquarters. There's been a murder."

"Isn't it just the way? I'll be back as soon as I've finished my court date."

"Sorry, we need you now. It can't wait. We've contacted officials and court master, you've been replaced."

"Funny that's what my ex said."

"Kelly this isn't funny. Tell the pilot to turn the plane around. See you in half an hour."

The pilot isn't too pleased but he'll live. I'm just dreading to think what's waiting for me back at HQ, they take everything way too seriously and I'm sick of cleaning up their mess.

Back at the station, I don't walk into the interogtion room to find a heavy duty thug or thief. It's a child. A girl, probably 11 or 12 with strawberry blonde hair and green eyes, quite small but a vast maturity in her eyes.

"You didn't tell me I was going to have to deal with a child" I grab my chief's collar, which believe me is not risky concerning my job.

"Funny, that's what my ex said." He says glaring at me. I let him go but not the subject. I might mention we dated but then I had a child and he left me for a blonde law student, but he's my boss therefore he can't fire me because I can use the child to blackmail him into jail time - rules are stricter than they were thiry years ago, you get canned for just leaving when there's a child involved. I stare daggers just to remind him of that as I sit in the chair and turn to face the girl. She smiles sweetly which in itself is a bad sign. I look at the papers.

"Ok, Lauren, according to this, you have confessed to the murder of Isobel Hewet, correct?"

"That is correct." She replies. Startled at the level of certainess in her voice, I continue.

" Could you tell me what happend that night?"

"My brother, Nicky, had just got back from his date with Isobel and he had bruises on his face and blood coming from a cut on his hand. He and Isobel had gotten into an argument and she had thrown her clock at him which had shattered and cut him I'm assuming. I hate her for wrecking his life. She doesn't know what he's been through; I do. She hated me too, called me a selfish brat for wanting him to myself. Why would I share him with her? Anyone else fine but she wasn't write in the head. She was a cheerleader who devoted her life to making insecure girls hate their bodies enough to diet until they were in hospital. She had broken up with Nicky but she lived across the street so I'd see her every morning. A week later she had just gotten back from a party or something; she was so drunk she fell onto the pavement. I ran over and helped her inside but I cut my arm on her bracelet as she fell again and I caught her. I wrapped my scartf around my arm and helped her into the kitchen. Then I gave her a glass of water...with ice. I'd poisoned the ice cubes with antifreeze and crushed mushroom powder from the mushrooms that grow in our garden. She was dead in ten minutes. I didn't mean for her to die. Just to be really ill. But she died so I dragged her upstairs and put her on the bed, placed the glass in her hand and left. Nicky saw me come back from her house, he found out and he went crazy. In a way he was sort of relieved. He wasn't as mad as I thought he'd be but then he tried to cover up for me so I had to tell the police it was me. I don't want Nicky to die for something I did."

I stand and leave the room. She didn't do it. She couldn't have. I walk to the lab and place Lauren's fingerprint records on the table.

"I want a complete search on that house. Find that glass, run fingerprint tests, blood samples, test the clothing and alcohol levels in Isoble's body. And find anything with traces of antifreeze."
I lock the door to my office and read Lauren's file. Unordinarily high IQ, criminal record for hacking into the government database just to prove she could for a 'school project'. But surely she's incapable of murder; she's so young. She's got to be covering up for her brother. He has more of a motive, surely? Isobel is driving him crazy, he hates to see her make girls hate themselves because he's a nice guy, she treats him like dirt and he loses it. It must be him...but then again Lauren is smart. She has the highest IQ of any normal 12 year old, she could have easily constructed a poison filled ice cube and put it in Isobel's drink.

The tests come back. The blood stains on the scarf found in Isobel's house were positive and so were the fingerprints on the glass. I sit down and hand the tests back to Mike, our lab scientist.

"Do them again. They're wrong, they must be."

He hands them back and takes off his glasses.

"They're correct." He sighs, "All evidence points to Lauren."

"She can't have done it!"

"It was her DNA. It was her."

"She's only 12. She was covering for her brother."

"She has the mind and IQ equivalent to a scientist who just won a nobel prize. She was perfectly capable. It was her."

"But...she's only 12."

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