only one champion ~one direction not famous~

Tessa is an allstar football player (soccer) she is on an all girls team and this week going agaiin louis tomlinsons charity team all boys. but Tessa falls for louis best mate niall and they both have feelings for eachother what will happen to the game?


2. summertime!!!!!!!

tessas pov:

i get up from bed and remeber that the boys stayed the night last night they are in the room next to mine. i have a good idea on how to wake them up. i go to my iphone and put it on my speakers i turn on this kiss by carly rae jepsen and turn my volume all the way up on 50. the music blasts out. and i hear maoning through the vent. next thing i know there are knocks on my door. i dance over to my door and open the door while dancing. i find liam and niall and louis.

hay guys! i scream while still dancing.

louis screams over the music: can u keep it down?!

nope i say whie laughing and dancing. but you guys can join if u wants?

im going in liam says.

same here by louis niall says.

we go into the middle of my huge room and dance like weirdos.

louis leaves and i hear him go down stairs i think zayn is down there to but i know harry is still sleeping. my phone rings from the speakers.

loud! liam yells.

i run over to my speakers and pull off my phone. i answer my phone.

hay coach i say.

hello tessa i wanted to tell you that were moving the big game to sunday. the coach says

oky coach thats fine tomlinson is at my house with my brother and friends they are staying for a while. i say

wow well see you on sunday tessa.

bye. i say and hang up.

my games moved to sunday i gotta tell louis. i say

i run downstairs and scream louis!

what? he screams back.

i run into the kitchen to find him and zayn sitting by the table. games moved to sunday my coach just called. i said. oky he replied.

i gotta get ready for school so do u guys i say. im gonna wake up haz.

i run upstairs and walk into harrys room. i ake in a big breath and scream WAKE UP HAZ!!!!

what?! he screams

get up its the last day of school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i say jumping up and down!

fine fine fine he says and i walk out of the room and walking into mine liam and niall werent in here anymore. i walk in and i feel to people grab my shoulders.

OH MY FREAKING GOD!  u guise scared me! i say not leave so i can get ready for school

fine we gots to get ready to its the last day! they say while jumping out of my room i closde the door and got ready for school.

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