This story is about me and my friends getting into a big arguement and all most fighting each other but in the end- well you will just have to find out.


2. The next day

As my dad drove me and my older brother to school, I saw some of my friends in a group talking then as soon as I got out of the car they went silent. My friend Jessica came up to me and said " Hey do you know when you got out of the car Awa said oh Melissa's here then Phoebe said oh look mel's here" so then I said " I don't really care because I ain't done nothing to them so they have no right to be rude like that."


I mean like I wasn't rude to Phoebe or Awa so they have no right to be rude like like do they. So then me and Jessica walked into school and we walked up to my other friends and told them what Jessica told me and they couldn't believe it. My friend Jessie told me that Phoebe called me a name which made me furious and then I said "What the hell have I done to Phoebe thats made her be so rude to me" then Jessie replied "I don't why she is being rude."


It was soon lunch time and as we went to have lunch me and Shyanna went to go and sit by our friends when we realized we sat down next to Rashaan and Phoebe and other friends.Me and my friends on the table were laughing and chatting until my friend Jessie (who was on the same table as Rashaan and Phoebe) told me that Phoebe said that she don't give a fuck so then I said to "YOU GOT SOMETHING TO SAY TO ME THEN COME RIGHT TO MY FACE AND SAY IT" then she when silent but then suddenly Rashaan cleared her throat so then I said again " If YOU have something to say to me then come and say it" which made her angry and guess what she did-she got up from her seat and looked at me and shouted"OKAY I GOT SOMETHING TO SAY TO YOU, THERE I SAID SOMETHING TO YOU" with that she walked backed to her seat and then the people on her table started to laugh.This boy Dylan in my class said"Hey Mel calm down okay calm down" then I replied "Just stay out of it Dylan just stay out of it, has nothing to do with you."


Soon me and my friends who were with me at the table finished our food and went outside and split up. Me and Shyanna walked together away from Rashaan and Phoebe-then Jessie came and said to me that Phoebe called me a tart which really pissed me off.

Me and Shyanna were sat down talking with our friends and someone told me that the only reason that Phoebe came the school was because she likes this boy called Marco and t hen I shouted (not to loud) " THEN WHY DOESNT SHE GO OUT WITH HIM BECAUSE ITS OBVIOUS THAT SHE LIKES HIM AND HE LIKES HER" then I saw that Rashaan, Phoebe and other friends were not far from where we were sitting then I saw Rashaan looking at me because I was shouting but not to loud so I looked at her and said"WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT", she came over and pushed my friends out of the way and shouted in my face saying some stuff and I had no idea what she was saying because she was saying it all to fast and as she was shouting she also spat at me while talking, she then stopped and I wiped it of my face, saying "that was lovely" (i said it sarcastically if you didn't know) she replied "why thank you i have more if you want more" then i said back to her "no, no thanks" with that she walked away while i was still wiping her spit off me.


Shyanna said after when we walked away from Rashaan"Do you know that it's racist" and i said "whats racist" she replied "if a black person spits at a white person its racist" we were all shocked.......





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