This story is about me and my friends getting into a big arguement and all most fighting each other but in the end- well you will just have to find out.


1. How it started


Today was a fantastic day (so far), I was doing drama with my class and we were performing in small groups then when we all performed to the teacher and each other, it had already was lunch so we collected our bags and lined up. My best friend Rashaan told me that this boy Ollie wanted to kiss her because he's always flirting with her and giving her love letters (getting caught in class) so then I decided to ask Ollie a question saying "Is it true that you said you want to kiss Rashaan" then he replied "NO I NEVER SAID THAT" and I didn't know that Rashaan was behind me so she said to me "why did you tell him, i'm not your friend, just like how i'm not Awa's friend" then I said " well I don't care" then she replied "Do you know that you and Leo are gay".

How are me and Leo gay, if i'm a girl and he is a boy? When we got out of drama class and walked outside I went to my other best friend Awa and told her exactly what Rashaan had said about me and her so she didn't believe me and she had to go and ask Rashaan herself, while she was doing that my other best friend Shyanna and I were talking about what happened.


After we were talking Shyanna called Rashaan a female dog but she calls everyone a female dog and they know it's a joke but Rashaan took it seriously and started an arguement with Shyanna and went all up in her face and tried to start a fight (was what everyone else was saying) then I backed Shyanna off and we walked away and started talking about Rashaan- who made Shyanna cry. People who knew Shyanna (her friends) started coming up to us and asking what had happened but she said it don't matter.



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