These Little Things

I wrote this while waiting for little things the other night for all my directioners :)


1. .

the little things like this

are what makes me proud

it puts me in a bliss

to hear the beautiful sound

and we all stand together

to hear it played aloud

their voices like a feather

are what makes our worlds go around

we're singing along from everywhere

every country, every town

and that same love we all share

for the boys who keep us on the ground

they make it impossible for us to frown

and bring us up every time were down

we'll never let each other fall

we hear each other when we call

then the boys sing straight into us all

making us weak until we crawl

brought together by the the boys on the stairs

who taught us to live and never care

who show us the simple joy life brings

and bring me to count these little things

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