5,000 Miles Apart

Callan and Harry are both in the same science class. One day, they're partnered up for a project, and they begin to fall for each other. But when everything seems to be going amazing between them, Callan finds out she's moving to California. She spends her last two weeks in Holmes Chapel, with Harry. When she starts school in California, she meets a boy named Nick. They start getting closer, but everytime Callan spends time with him, he reminds her of Harry. But when Harry comes to visit, how will things turn out? Will Callan choose Nick, or will Harry win her heart back?


4. Trouble


"Zayn, what are you doing here?" I say, sort of mad. He just stares at me like I'm stupid. "Harry's my cousin. You didn't know that?" he says, and right then Harry walks towards us, still in his boxers. Zayn looks from Harry to me, then I see a flicker of anger in his eyes. Or maybe that was jealousy. I blush and look down because I know exactly what he's thinking... and he's right. "Hey Zayn." Harry says, a little uncertain. "Why is she here?!" Zayn almost yells. Harry looks at Zayn, confused. "She's my girlfriend mate, chill." he says. Zayn's eyes go a little wide, then he smirks. "Harry, careful. She may screw you over like she did to me." he says, then turns around and is about to leave. My heart starts racing. How could he say that?! "What's that supposed to mean?!" Harry yells, clearly mad. Zayn just smirks again. "Tell him, Callan." he says, "Tell him what you did." Harry looks at me. I run out of the door. Harry's POV What is Zayn talking about? I never knew they dated. Callan runs out of the house, so something must have happened. "Mate, just leave okay. Don't come here, ever again." I say firmly then push past him to run after Callan. But she didn't go far, she only ran to the sidewalk and sat down at the curb. "Callan what is all this about?" I ask, sitting down next to her. She looks up and she has tears streaking her face. I wipe them off. "Callan, tell me please." I say again. "When I dated Zayn, we were really.. close. And one day I just lost interest but he still liked me. I didn't tell him and I pretended to like him and-" but Zayn cuts her off. "And one day I see her kissing another guy, and hearing rumors that she fucked him." he screams. I look from Zayn to Callan, in disbelief. Callan would never do something like that. "Cal, is that.. is that true?" I ask, cautiously. She just nods her head. "Well part of it. I only kissed him." she says, her voice shaky. "That's bullshit and you know it. You just want Harry to think you're a good little angel. Well your fucking not." Zayn says, then starts walking down the sidewalk. I stare at Callan. I sort of believe her. The rumors I've heard match this story completely. Anger rises up inside of me. "Why would you do something like that?!" I yell. She just gets up and starts walking away. Now that really pisses me off. I take three long strides and I grab her arm, and hold it tight. "Harry, ow!" she says, looking down. "Look at me." I say firmly. Tears streak her face. The hurt in her eyes brings me back to my senses. I loosen my grip. Why was I even mad? It's not like Zayn hasn't lied to me before. Maybe he was just.. jealous? But how's that possible? I was always the one that envied Zayn. He was the one with the girlfriend. "I-I'm sorry." I mumble, looking down. Callan puts my face between her hands and makes me look at her face. The pain in her eyes is gone, and now they sparkle green. "What was that all about?" she asks. I can't look at her admitting the truth. Honestly, I don't even know why I was mad. But, that unknown anger from before comes back to me, but I know exactly why. "You hurt my cousin." I yell. Callan drops her hands from my face and starts walking away. But this time, I let her.
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