5,000 Miles Apart

Callan and Harry are both in the same science class. One day, they're partnered up for a project, and they begin to fall for each other. But when everything seems to be going amazing between them, Callan finds out she's moving to California. She spends her last two weeks in Holmes Chapel, with Harry. When she starts school in California, she meets a boy named Nick. They start getting closer, but everytime Callan spends time with him, he reminds her of Harry. But when Harry comes to visit, how will things turn out? Will Callan choose Nick, or will Harry win her heart back?


3. My Ex


Harry's POV I wake up to Callan, sleeping beside me. Memories from last night flood in my mind, and I smile. Callan's eyes flutter open, and I'm greeted to pools of green staring back at me. I plant a feather-light kiss on her lips. "Good morning beautiful." I say, and she smiles. Butterflies attack my stomach as she looks at me again, a dimple dotting her cheek. She laces her fingers with mine, and taps my nose. I do the same, and she crinkles her nose up. "That was cute." I say. She just laughs. "It gets the boys every time." she says, then winks at me. I kiss her neck, and a faint moam escapes her mouth. I smile, knowing that I give her pleasure. Callan's POV I pull away and smile at Harry. His eyes are unusually green today, and they smile back at me. I place one last kiss on his lips before I get up to change into some clothes. I grab one of Harry's sweatpants, and my white cami. I go downstairs to make breakfast, and Harry comes down a few seconds after, with just his boxers. I bite my lip when I see his member line, and his abs. He just smirks at me, and starts helping me make some food. The doorbell rings, and I go to get it. I open the door and there's none other than my ex-boyfriend.
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