5,000 Miles Apart

Callan and Harry are both in the same science class. One day, they're partnered up for a project, and they begin to fall for each other. But when everything seems to be going amazing between them, Callan finds out she's moving to California. She spends her last two weeks in Holmes Chapel, with Harry. When she starts school in California, she meets a boy named Nick. They start getting closer, but everytime Callan spends time with him, he reminds her of Harry. But when Harry comes to visit, how will things turn out? Will Callan choose Nick, or will Harry win her heart back?


1. Harry


I get my science textbook out of my locker. I run a bit because the fourth period is gonna ring any second. But I run into the always open door for fourth period science just a few seconds before the bell. I take a seat next to Eleanor, my best friend, as Mr.Riley starts explaining a new project we'll be working on foe the next few weeks. It would be our last project before exams, and summer. Then, he starts calling out our partners. "Harry and Callan." I look around to meet his eyes. I've only ever talked to Harry once. I've heard so much shit about him, and I'm honestly not sure if I believe it or not. He smiles at me, and I walk towards where he's sitting, with my head down. I bump into Louis though, Harry's best friend, and I drop my books. "Oh, sorry Louis." I say. Harry helps pick up my books, as Louis says that it's okay. Harry hands me my books, and flashes me a smile. His green eyes twinkle, and a dimple dots his left cheek. I blush, for no reason at all, and then sit down. We start discussing what we are going to do our project on, and then we get started. ~ Me and Harry spend the next few weeks together, at school and at each other's houses, working on the project. I've begun to have feelings for him, and I'm pretty sure he likes me too, not to sound cocky. He's honestly so sweet and funny. Harry's POV To: Callan meet me at the park at 2 today? .xx From: Callan okay see you there :) Callan is honestly the sweetest girl I've ever met. I've heard all these rumors about how she's a slut and stuff like that, but honestly, those are complete lies. Whenever I'm with her, I'm always laughing. I look at the time , '1:30 pm' I have half an hour to kill. I try to watch TV, but there's nothing on. I try to read a book, but I'm to excited to concentrate on the words. Finally, 2 o'clock comes and I walk over to the park where me and Callan always go to. I see her swinging on the swings, so I decide to sneak up on her. But right when I'm about to yell 'Boo' she simply says, "Hey Harry." and she starts laughing. I get on the swing beside her's and we end up having a competition to see who can swing higher. ~ We sit in the grass, with the afternoon sun beating down on us. Callan lays on my chest, and I involuntarily play with her blonde hair. She looks up at me, and then all of a sudden throws grass at my face. I spit, because some got into my mouth. She starts getting up, pulling more grass out of the ground, and I do the same. I throw some at her, and it all lands in her hair. She shrieks, then throws her two handfuls of grass at me. But, then she comes closer to me. There is now a small gap of space between us, maybe a centimeter. But she closes that gap, and presses her lips into mine. My hand unconsciously goes to the back of her neck. She pulls away. I continue looking down into her piercing green eyes and I can't resist myself, so I smash my lips into hers. "Jump." I breathe, and she wraps either leg around my torso. I sink down into the grass, still kissing Callan. This kiss only lasts a few seconds, and then Callan gets up. "That was beautiful." she says, kisses me on the cheek, then starts walking in the direction to her house. I sit in the evening sun, still in the same spot Callan left me, thinking over the last ten minutes. Finally, I get up, brush my shorts off, and walk home with a huge smile on my face.
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