5,000 Miles Apart

Callan and Harry are both in the same science class. One day, they're partnered up for a project, and they begin to fall for each other. But when everything seems to be going amazing between them, Callan finds out she's moving to California. She spends her last two weeks in Holmes Chapel, with Harry. When she starts school in California, she meets a boy named Nick. They start getting closer, but everytime Callan spends time with him, he reminds her of Harry. But when Harry comes to visit, how will things turn out? Will Callan choose Nick, or will Harry win her heart back?


2. California


Callan's POV

Since it's the summer now, me and Harry spend practically every minute together. Eleanor is dating Louis, and they went camping for the whole summer, so I have Harry all to myself. Harry's been sick this week, but I usually go and visit him. I come home from his house and as I walk through the door, I hear my mum call my name. Me and mum don't usually talk, because we don't get on well. So, if we ever do talk, it's about something serious. The last time it was that my sister had died. I start to panic as I walk into the kitchen, but my mum has a smile on her face, so I calm down a bit. People say I look a lot like my mum. We both have blonde hair, but I got my green eyes from my dad. But my facial features are a lot like my mum's. "Yeah, what is it?" I ask, cautiously. "We're moving to California!" my mum replies, with a huge smile on her face. But I'm nowhere near happy. We can't just leave Holmes Chapel. "What? When?" I yell. I'm angry and sad and confused all at once. "August 14th. And I found a really nice place there, so I decided to buy it." she answers. August 14th is in two weeks, and it's mine and Harry's three months. Tears start to form, and I run outside before my mum can see them fall. I call Harry.

Harry's POV

I'm checking my twitter on my phone when it starts ringing. 'Call from Callan' the screen says, and I answer right away. At first, all I hear is crying through the receiver. "Callan?" I ask softly. "I need to come to your house.." she says. "Come now!" I say, and I hear the line go dead. Five minutes later, I hear the doorbell ring. As I open the door, I'm greeted by Callan's soft lips, smashed into mine. Her kiss is urgent, and inviting. I put my hand to the back of her neck, and move her so that my back is against the wall. She jumps and wraps either leg around my torso, and we sink to the ground. Callan pulls away, and then starts crying. "Harry.. I'm moving to California." The words hit me like a brick. I kiss her, but she pushes me away. I feel a wave of rejection wash over me, but only a small wave. She looks down, and bunches my shirt into her fist. "We have two weeks, Harry." she says, barely a whisper. I still don't know how to respond. I just look into her beautiful eyes. "Two weeks is a long time you know. It only took us two weeks to fall for each other, and two weeks isn't going to end 'us'." I finally say, and kiss her. This time she doesn't resist. After we pull away, we go to my lounge room to watch a movie. ~

Callan's POV

I lay down beside Harry, my fingers intertwined with his. We watch his favorite movie, Love Actually. I try to keep my eyes on the screen, but I feel Harry's eyes on mine. "Harry, what?" I ask, smiling a bit. He smiles cheekily. "Follow me." he says, and drags me after him. I get a little excited, but then I realize we're going outside. Tonight has got to be the coldest night ever, especially during the summer. We stand in his backyard, and Harry starts undressing, until he's left in his boxers. They have a pool, and that's exactly where Harry rums and jumps into. I'm standing close enough that I get splashed from when he jumps in. I shriek a bit, because the water is freezing. "Callan, come in. Please." Harry says, giving me the puppy dog eyes. "Harry, that's not fair. You can't use puppy dog eyes on me." I say, and look away. But a few seconds I find myself un-dressing, and I hear Harry's laugh. "Can you help me up? We can jump together." Harry says, sticking his hand out for me to grab. I try to pull him up, but he yanks his arm so that I go tumbling into the water. I scream when I resurface, because it feels like I got frostbite already.Harry kisses me, and I feel his hand play with the hook of my bra. "Harry, wait." I say, and nudge his hand away. But he starts exploring my neck and the small of my back with his hand. I kiss his neck and chest, than I go back to his lips.

"Jump." he says, breathlessly, and I wrap either leg around his torso. He walks up to the little stairs leading out of the pool, and then we go inside, still kissing. We leave a trail of water after us, but we don't pay attention to that. Our kisses become more urgent and intense. Finally, Harry drops me on his bed, and climbs on top of me. He un-hooks my bra and takes it off. He bites his lip. "Wow, your actually beautiful." he says, and doesn't wait a second longer to kiss me. Our underwear ends up in a small pile beside the bed. I feel Harry go hard beneath me, and I start laughing. He puts on his glove, then enters me. My body aches from pain, then seconds later screams from pleasure. Harry grinds his hips slowly letting me get used to him, then he pushes harder. My nails dig into his back, and play with the curls at the back of his neck. Bliss engulfs me, and a moan escapes my lips. I start grinding my hips into Harry's, and seconds later I hear him groan. He separates from me, and we lay on the bed beside eachother, breathless.  

I don't know what's going through Harry's mind, but all I can think about is how damn good that felt.  


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