5,000 Miles Apart

Callan and Harry are both in the same science class. One day, they're partnered up for a project, and they begin to fall for each other. But when everything seems to be going amazing between them, Callan finds out she's moving to California. She spends her last two weeks in Holmes Chapel, with Harry. When she starts school in California, she meets a boy named Nick. They start getting closer, but everytime Callan spends time with him, he reminds her of Harry. But when Harry comes to visit, how will things turn out? Will Callan choose Nick, or will Harry win her heart back?


5. Apologies


Callan's POV 

I walk straight into my room and slam the door. I hear my mum's soft knocking on the door, but I yell at her to leave me alone. I sob on my bed, and remember when I was dating Zayn.  I push the thought away, and try to think of something that makes me happy. Harry keeps coming back into my mind, even though I'm so mad at him right now, he still makes me happy. 

Harry's POV 

I ring the doorbell to her house, praying that her mum will answer.  "Hi, Harry!" Alice, Callan's mum, says, opening the door. She lets me in, and I go up to her room. I knock on the door, and I hear her grunt. She open's the door, "Mum wha-" she says, but stops once she sees it's me.   She's about to slam the door, but I put my foot out to stop it. "Just let me explain." I say, pleadingly. She sits down on her bed and sighs.  "Fine." she says. "I was mad because.. I just care about Zayn, he's my family. And I don't know, I just got carried away.. and I'm sorry." I say, and try a smile at her. She stands up and walks up to me so that our noses are almost touching.  "Apology accepted." she says, and kisses me. Her hands play with my hair, while mine explore her back. I'm about to put my hand up the back of her shirt when Callan's mum walks in.    "Oh! Erm... sorry." she says, and runs out awkwardly. Me and Callan start laughing, and she goes and closes the door.  We move our way over to her bed, and she gets up on top of me. Her kisses are placed everywhere on my body, and at the touch of her lips, goosebumps appear on my skin. My shirt has been taken off, and I'm im the process of taking hers' off.    Once everything is off, I enter her. She moans, and her nails dig into my back. Pleasure goes through my whole body, and a moan escapes my lips.  I grind my hips into hers and a full orgasm  goes through my body. A sigh escapes her mouth, and her hands start exploring my back, and her mouth is sponging kisses on my whole body.  We pull apart from each other, and we lay down beside each other, breathing hard.  "Harry, we have to stop doing this or I'll never be able to leave you." Callan says. I remember that we only have a week and a half left together. It will be hard for both of us to say goodbye, but there really isn't any other choice. Callan begged her mum to stay in Holmes Chapel, but she said no every time.  I just kiss her softly on the lips. "Cal, just don't worry about it, okay?" is all I manage to say to comfort her. She nuzzles her head into the crook of my neck. I breathe in her perfume and kiss her hair.  We end up falling asleep with Callan wrapped in my arms, keeping her safe from everything. 

Callan's POV 
  I wake up, and I feel strong arms wrapped around me, but I don't open my eyes yet. I just enjoy the moment. I feel Harry stir beside me, and I kiss his nose. His eyes open lazily, and he yawns. His hair is all over the place on one side, and pressed down to his head on the side he was sleeping on. A small giggle bursts out of my mouth.  "What?" Harry says, smiling lopsidedly. "Your hair is so messy this morning." I say, trying to keep a serious tone, but I start laughing, and so does he.  He's about to kiss me, but I get out of bed. We fell asleep in my bedroom this time, so I go to my closet and get out a pair of sweatpants that belong to Harry, that I borrowed from him, and my cheer t-shirt from school. Harry just puts on the clothes he was wearing yesterday; sweatpants and a Ramones t-shirt.  We both walk downstairs, and I find a note on the kitchen table.    'I won't be back until tomorrow, at a friend's house.  -Mom'  the note said in messy handwriting that I recognize as my mum's.  I smile at Harry. "We have the house to ourselves until tomorrow." I say. Harry just smiles back, but he has a devilish gleam in his eyes.  "Harry, we can't." I say, disappointed.  Harry's smile fades a little. "We don't have to have a party, it could be like a.. get together with a few people." he says. I consider the idea, I mean it wouldn't hurt, as long as it's only a few people.  "Okay fine." I say, and Harry smiles cheekily at me.

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