"Daisy...?" He said, his gentle hand slipping round my waist.
"Mmm?.." I mumbled into his chest.
"I love you." He whispered.

When Owen and Daisy fall madly in love, they try their hardest to keep it from their familes, as both of their parents forbid them of any strong relationship, however when Daisies mum divorces, she finds Luke. Who's Luke? Owens dad. And they are in love....


2. "You?" I shrieked. "Me." He grinned.

  It was another regluar school day. I woke fumbled my way to the chilly bathroom, and splashed some cold water onto my face. Then, I applied my make up, slicked on some gloss, dressed, straightend my hair, gobbled down my breakfast and ran to school. Just in time. Miss Berry was two names away form my name on the register. "Lily." She called out in a stern, snappy voice that was similar to my horrible math teachers one. "Present!" Replied Lily.
"Owen! Ah yes, welcome Owen, why your new. Uh, go sit next to Daisy there, yeah, thats it, to your left and, yeah, right there, good lad. Sit down then, thats it."

Owen. Owen... Owen? OWEN!! I dropped all my books I was clutching in my arms! "You?" I shrieked.
"Me." he grinned. Helping me with my books, I nudged him, and put a finger to my lips as he started chatting. Miss Berry gives detentiosn to who ever starts talking during morning regestration.


At break, I asked him what he was doing here. He said he has]d moved, and with that, moved schools. I lead him to the playground but then the bell went.                                                



Hey guys, thansk for reading and please leave comments, means so much, sorry this was so short, but didnt have much time, xx





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