"Daisy...?" He said, his gentle hand slipping round my waist.
"Mmm?.." I mumbled into his chest.
"I love you." He whispered.

When Owen and Daisy fall madly in love, they try their hardest to keep it from their familes, as both of their parents forbid them of any strong relationship, however when Daisies mum divorces, she finds Luke. Who's Luke? Owens dad. And they are in love....


1. "He's just got that thing about him..."

  I met him in at a party. Actually, it turned out that he was the cousin of my second best friend, but she was really cool with it. The first thing I thought when I saw him was "He's just got that thing about him..." Our eyes met, and sonn enough, he was twirling me round and round amid the dancing lights. With a soft hand, he lead me into a garden type area, surrounding by beautful roses, and daisys' scattered about the grass. Together, we sat on a cold, brick wall, and got to know each other...

  "I'm Owen. You?" Owen had this super voice, gentle and kind.
"Me? I'm Daisy. Dosen't really suit me though eh? Not as pretty as Daisies for one thing...."
" No your not as pretty. You even more." Smiled Owen, and jumped of the wall. He ran over to a patch of daisies, and carefully picked one. Jumping down, I walked over to him. Ad he stood up, so did I, and he turned me round. Very slowly and carefully, he fastened the daisy into my plait. Then another, and another, until my whole plait was an amazing tail of daisies. Stepping back to examine his work he pondered a little, then said, "Beautiful. Like you. I just preved you are like daisies."

   I smiled. He smiled. We were literally two inches apart. Gazing into his eyes, I snaked my arm round his neck. As we pulled into each other, I stopped, our foreheads were touching. "Owen.. my parents.. they forbid any kind of lovey relationship... I don't know what they'll.. if they'll... " I mumbled.

  Daisy?...." he said, slipping his hand round my waist.
" Mmm?..." I mumbeled into his chest.
" I love you... and.." But I stopped him with a kiss.




Hey if your reading this, I know this chapter is not long, but it is like a tiny piece of how they met. The real stuff is in the other chapters. This it is only the beginning/ So, what do you think? Is Daisy going to pair up with Owen? Read the next chapter to see... please comment!

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