it was like magic ( a louis fan fiction)

where megan darcy and ashton are friends and they went to a One DIrection concert. and they fell in love.


2. the plane ride

so we took our stuff and got to the air port. " OH MY GOSH LOOK". i said. "what what what is it are you having a stroke?"says Darcy. "no look over there it is the one direction and look there is louis, harry, and liam our favorites."i said. "ahhhhhhhhhhhhh." we all screamed. the boys came over and instantly fell in love with us. 

hey whats your name. said louis.

megan. i said

ummm would you like to sit by me one the air plane? louis said.

of course. i said.


oh my god she is so hot i want her. Now we are finally one the plane and i am sitting by the most loveliest, most beautiful woman in the whole wide world.

ummmm can i have your number?

of course here you go. Megan said. 


oh my god liam is acually talking to me. what should i say? what should i do? I thought.

hey may i please have your number lovely ladie? said liam

well............ a ya! I said

ok then call me maybe! hahaha!!! said liam

ohhh my gosh look at ashton and harry they are kissing! I said.

No they are snogging!! said liam


harry you are so romantic i allready planed our first date at the state park. eepp! i can not wait till that. and i also can not wait till i get to stay with you for the whole summer. it will be so exciting. i said to harry. i love you harry. I said. I love you too Ashton. harry said. hey you should stay the night tonight.said harry. i sure will. i said. we are here i have to go and unpack at my guest house i will be over in 2 hours ok love you bye.i said and we kissed for a long time. ok love you bye. said harry.

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