it was like magic ( a louis fan fiction)

where megan darcy and ashton are friends and they went to a One DIrection concert. and they fell in love.


3. the guest house

megans p.o.v.

 ahhh finally i am here ok i have to quick unpack and take a shower. wounder what we are going to do tonight. i said. ring ring oh my phone is ringing its louis yaaaaaaaaaaaa!

hello. i said

hi come over right now. said louis

but louis i have to shower. i said

no i asked the manegment if you could live with us for the whole summer they said yes will you pretty pretty please? said louis

of course i will i am coming over in a minute let me shower and i will wear sweats ok love you bye. i said.

wait wear something nice like a dress and bring every thing with you love you too. louis said.

lois p.o.v.

i am so excited ok now clone, suit, music, shower, pop the coller, flowers, and clean up. ready set go! i said. ding dong. hold on 1 second. i said. hurry up louis it is freezing. ok here i am. coming. i said. opining up the door. oh wow louis what is all this. megan said. our first date. ok then. megan said.

megans P.O.V.

i am sitting here on a blanket having a picnic. then we danced to all of his songs on the live while we`re young C.D. , and he started singing to me. it was so romantic and the most romantic part was our first kiss and then we made out it was awesome.

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