My Diary and my probloms

Well this is a diary i will keep and seince i dont know eny of you i will not be nervous to write how i really feel. =D This book will have evrything i need to write in it. It will have love life, friend fights and drama I am just getting to be a teen so this will be a big diary!!!


3. Oct.31/12

Happy Halloween, I did go out this year and i was frankenstiens bride O.O I looked stunning, JK. I looked funny, and so did my friends, we went as a banana, My friend emilee, a vampire, Haley, and meeee, frankenstiens bride. I have o say i got quite a fright to night, I went up to a dor with my friends, nocked on the door and called "Trick or treat", of corse i got boath, They guy sitting there that i thought was a scarecrow scared me almoast to death, my friend Halry poked my arm and went, "Anna, uhh, Anna, the guy is right there," "what?" i repilyed confused, and the scarecrow jumped up and grabbed me and i screemed, he just started to laugh and gave me  some candy. Yaaay! Ok you guys see u later, cuz thats how i rollll! Happy hallowen and to all a good night! JK night guys. 

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