My Diary and my probloms

Well this is a diary i will keep and seince i dont know eny of you i will not be nervous to write how i really feel. =D This book will have evrything i need to write in it. It will have love life, friend fights and drama I am just getting to be a teen so this will be a big diary!!!


2. Oct.30/12

Dear diary,

Curtis Crush #1

today my thoughts were very mixed up because of the guys i have crushes on, but too scared to tell eny of my friends or my crushes how i feel. So lucky you, you get to get to hear it! Well for starters i really like this  guy in cadets (im in army cadets) and i joined all of the activities just to be near him, like band, if i coulove at walmart handing out poppys for rememberance day, and i stayed just to be close to him, he makes me happy. His name is Curtis, cute , i know! Unfortiantely hes 14 and im 12, hes in grade 9, im in 6, Do you guys think it might work out?? Well enyway he has gem green eyes that make me freese evrytime and i start to get lost in them, he alweys has to wave his hand in front of my face everytime and i snap out of it. He alweys laughs at me (nicely) and gose "wow, its like you zone out every time i talk to you, its aalmoat like you havea crush on me.!" I swear sometimes he blushes when he says that and he starts to laugh again. I alweys laugh nervosly and go "ya... how crazy is that??" The reson i never tell him i like him is because he is like my best guy friend! Enyways he has dirty blonde hair this is just to his ears, no more no less, he is about 5ft 7" and im only 5ft 5". we alweys tease each other like sometimes he would go " why are you so short?" playfully , and i would awnser back "im not short youre just tall!" and look up at him. I can feel myself blush every time! Curtis and i have nicknames for each other too. like i tease him andcall him Citrus sometimes and he calls me anna banana. I love it when he doese that! I can feel the butterflys start to erupt every time i look at him. I have caught him looking at me once or twice, like it would glance over at him and once he saw me he would blush and swing his head around to his friend Titus. He has caught me my fair share of gazing at him too. Like just yesterday, It was break at cadets and my friend was blabbing about how weird her brother his, i just tune her out, And i was looking over at him and soon i realise that my hand is supporting my chin while i lean on the table and gaze at curtis. He catches me almoast every time i do it, but i cant help it! But all of the time he turns around and catches me! I pull my arm out from under me and quickly start talking to my friends, I can feel myself getting as red as a tomato every time! My friends dont seem to notice though! Thankfully! you guys think it would work if i asked him out, or would it make it totally akward, i have known him for 2 months, do you think its too soon??

Billy Crush #2

Well the next guy i like is Billy, he is just a bit taller than me, light brown hair, Loves the habs (montreal canadiens) Witch i love too, he likes pigs for some reason, wich i dont mind, im into sports, wich he likes too, and hes great at hockey, i cant skate well if my life depended on it, so he can teach me! we sound compatable right??  well i think my suspitions were confirmed, he likes me, we went to a play today that was about .... well i dont really know what it was about! Too busy scoping out cute boys in the audiance! enyways when i turned back around billy immidiately took his eyes off of me and put them back on the stage! haha, I CAUGHT him! I have known billy all of my life. DO you think we'd be a good match??

Finally Dean Crush #3

This is the guy i hang out with evry day, sigh at every day, and hug every day, hes one of my biggest guy friends and he just ....... hmmm.... i guess became attractive? He hit his cute stage now instead of the akward stage...YAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!  So he is about 5 inches shorter than me, cute, blonde hair in the old style Beiber cut, totally fall for guys with that, dont know why :/ and he wears a big red hoodie every dy and every once in a while when its cold i tease him and put my pink and puffy jacket on him, he looks like a big blob of cotton candy in it :D hehehehhehehe! I ahve known him seince grade 3 and have had a crush on him seince grade 4 :D what can i say? So do you guys think i'm a better match for <3Curtis<3, /Billy/, or :) Dean:)??? Tell me in the coments plz!!

So enyways i just got over this guy that ive had a crush on seince grade primary, im in 6 now, because i asked him to grade six celebration and he said "NO! I have to go with Bryley!She'll hurt me if I don't!" I got ovr him when i realisedhe was a weakling :P I told him that too, so now he is my BGFF (Best guy friend forever) Yaaay! The fun ended when i got home. I was instntly yelled at for not cleaning my room that morning, as usual. Now i write in this diary to keepme occupied when im not near <3Curtis<3 , Billy , or Dean, I relly need them, Curtis is the one who gives me something useful to be there for, other than chore dummy when im at home, Billy always makes me laugh, even one day when i was really depressed he started cracking jokes beside me and made me laugh, and Dean, Dean is the one i can hug, when im sad i hug him, when im happy i hug him, when im depressed i hug him. They all just help, Curtis i have to say helps the moast though.

When im at home i have a pretty good life. my momis nice moast of the time, i have to do chores but i hav tons of food and nice cloths.. When im away from my mother and with my friends, and hopefully soon to be boyfriends, I feel relaxed and comphortorable, <- Sorry cant spell that word.

 Well today we went to go see a play at the highschool, it was pretty funny, it had moments when they swore like a father called his son an ass, and when a girl had to kiss a REALLY ugley guy on the lips, or when people kept messing up a guys name and calling him gay instead of guy and the third time they did it he flipped his scarf and his hair and went "Sometimes!" in a fake french accent.  also two relly weird guys were singing about "planting" childern, now if your like me youll see that a laughing matter because of how sick minded you are. if youre very religous youll se that as god planting children that are beautiful and frolicing or whatever. depends on how you see it.

 If i dont have another chapter up tomorrow, HAPPY HALOWEEN!



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