My Diary and my probloms

Well this is a diary i will keep and seince i dont know eny of you i will not be nervous to write how i really feel. =D This book will have evrything i need to write in it. It will have love life, friend fights and drama I am just getting to be a teen so this will be a big diary!!!


1. Note


Hey guys this is the first diary i will ever be writting on here, my life is confusing and twisted because i am in the boy crazy faze right now and not affraid to admit it. Please dont hate because of how weird or how stupid my life is, if you have those comments keep them to yourself! It would really help if you guys read because it will feel like 1000 pounds lifted off of my shoulders! All of those secrets and all of my thoughts cant stay bottled up enymore! So you lucky people reading this will get to read about how vividly weird my life is, and just warning you my mind is VERY dirty so just go along with it if i write something dirty minded :/ Hope you guys enjoy! 

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