Summer Love

This Is about a Girl named Amber who Goes to a Beach house with her friends and Boyfriend for the Summer. When finding out one direction are Next door to their Cabin what Will happen to Amber and Her Friends.. Read on...


7. 9.

Everyone goes out for pizza that night. It's awkward being with Carson and the guys in one room. I just have to deal with it.
We order 3 large cheese pizzas. Niall eats half of one all by himself. Natalie and Niall are just having a ball laughing. I don't know what about. Harry keeps kissing my neck and stroking his hand up and down my leg. It's weird in front of Carson, but I ignore it. I only want to think about Harry.
He starts making out with me. In public.
"Later." I smile pulling away.
He sighs and goes back to his pizza.
When everyone finishes we pile into the car.
"I forgot my phone." I say and walk back in.
"You look happy with Harry." Carson says. I didn't realize he was still here.
I nod. "Yeah. He's great."
I quickly grab my phone and walk out. Carson follows closely behind.
"I'm sorry that I called those reporters." He says.
"You shouldn't be apologizing to me, Carson. You should apologize to the guys. Especially Zayn. He was really upset about it." I say walking to the car.
Before he can say anything else, I close the door.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
"What was Carson saying?" Harry says while taking off his shirt. When we got home Niall opened ketchup the wrong way. It went all over Harry.
"He just said that he was sorry about calling those reporters." I shrug.
I'm about to text Rosie when Harry takes the phone away from me.
"Hey." I protest.
He places the phone on the bedside table and starts tickling me.
"Harry! Harry, stop!" I struggle to say.
"You have to kiss me." He smiles.
"Okay!" I say relieved.
I pull him closer to me and kiss him. I place my hand on his bare chest.
I smile as he lays on top of me. He bites my lower lip softly and I giggle.
"I love you." He puts his mouth against my ear.
"I love you too." I say.
He starts kissing my ear and makes his way down to my neck.
My phone starts ringing and Harry groans.
I press ignore and he winks at me.
We fall asleep cuddled together. I love this boy. He's everything I ever wanted.

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