Summer Love

This Is about a Girl named Amber who Goes to a Beach house with her friends and Boyfriend for the Summer. When finding out one direction are Next door to their Cabin what Will happen to Amber and Her Friends.. Read on...


6. 8.

The fans and reporters eventually leave. None of the guys are speaking to Carson. Natalie and Alex aren't either.
"I'm sorry." I say to Harry as we are laying in bed.
"For what?" He plays with my hair.
"That all those people came and ruined your vacation." I say sighing.
"It's not your fault." He smiles.
I sit up. "It is, Harry. If I hadn't told Carson that we slept together none of that would have happened. Your nose wouldn't have been bleeding."
"Amber, listen to me when I say that none of that matters. So reporters came and got everyone stressed. That happens all the time. I think we are all used to it. I have felt worse pain before. It's nothing." He assures me.
I sigh and start pacing around the room.
"Amber, look at me." He lifts my chin to his face.
"What?" I ask.
"I know it's only been 3 weeks since I met you. But I love you Amber. I want you to stop blaming yourself for everything. It's the past. It's over. No worries." He smiles and kisses me.
I smile. "I love you too."
"You want to go downstairs and watch a movie?" He asks.
"There's a television in here." I say.
He nods. "I like the television downstairs better."
I follow him down the stairs.
"Whoa!" Harry says.
We see Liam and Rosie making out on the couch. They immediately sit away from each other.
"Sorry." Liam says. His face turned 10 shades of red.
I look at Rosie and I can tell that she regrets it. Liam goes to talk to Harry.
"Don't tell Mike." She begs me.
"Of course not. What happened?" I ask.
She tells me that she just came over to give me my shoes that she borrowed. Liam was sitting on the couch and they started talking. He let her feelings out to her and she felt the same way. About what? I have no clue. Then it just happened.
"It's okay." I smile.
"I better go. Tell Liam I said sorry and that I will see him later, ok?" She says while walking out the door.
When the door shuts I start laughing. That's so Rosie. She does something and immediately regrets it. I started living by what Harry told me: live a little.
Life is way more fun since I met Harry.

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