Summer Love

This Is about a Girl named Amber who Goes to a Beach house with her friends and Boyfriend for the Summer. When finding out one direction are Next door to their Cabin what Will happen to Amber and Her Friends.. Read on...


2. 4.

I wake up early that morning and take a shower. I put on my white bikini and throw a loose glittery tank top over it. I throw on black shorts and some flip flops.
"You sure are up early." Alex raises an eyebrow at me when he sees me staring in the mirror.
"I'm always up early. I just stay in the room on the laptop." I lie. I couldn't sleep at all last night. Harry is the only thing running through my mind.
"Yeah, okay. Get out the bathroom so I can do my business." He says harshly.
"What's the magic word?" I say teasingly.
"Screw magic. I gotta go." He pushes me out the door and locks it.
I laugh and walk in the kitchen.
Natalie, Brittany, Mike, Carson, and Rosie are already out of bed.
"Everyone woke up early." I mumble.
"We get to hang out with One Direction. I didn't sleep at all last night." Rosie squeals.
That makes two of us, I think to myself.
Carson embraces me in a hug and gives me a long forceful kiss.
I raise an eyebrow at him. He just shrugs and holds my hand.
I wait outside while everyone gets ready. I look at the guys beach house and smile.
"This can not be real." I say to myself.
"What can't be real?" Harry says behind me causing me to jump.
"Don't do that." I say trying to catch my breath.
"How did you sleep?" He smiles.
Terrible, I thought about you every second. I want to say.
"Okay, what about you?" I say instead.
"Best sleep ever. I don't have to wake up and go record some songs. Or go shoot a music video or rehearse. It's nice." He smiles.
That's when I realize just how normal Harry is. He's just a normal guy living a dream life.
"That must be hard." I say sitting next to him.
"Well it's not easy. But I couldn't see myself having any other job." He smiles at me.
"Yeah. All those girls chasing after you. You're living the dream." I joke.
"Some girls catch my eye more than others." He says more serious.
Could he be talking about me? No, that's impossible. I don't say anything. Harry goes back to see if the guys are ready. Everyone piles into three cars and we go to the pool not too far from the beach houses. We have some in the back but we wanted to go out.
Louis immediately does a cannonball into the pool.
"Come on lads!" He screams.
Niall jumps in laughing. Alex and Justin join them. Carson keeps watching me and Harry. Harry tried to make a conversation with him but Carson just kept nodding so Harry gave up.
I jump in with Rosie and swim other to the guys.
"Let's play chicken!" Liam yells in his adorable accent.
I climb onto Niall's shoulders while Natalie climbs onto Alex's shoulders.
"We got this Amber." Niall smiles and walks towards Alex.
I turn over to see Carson finally talking to Harry.
Maybe this won't be so bad.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
We all make a bonfire at the beach late that night. Rosie, Zayn, Louis, Mike, and Justin are all chasing after Niall because he stole all the food.
Carson, Natalie, and Alex went to the store to buy some more. Liam is trying to hold Niall still while Rosie pretends to kick him where the sun doesn't shine.
Harry takes me inside his beach house to show me something.
"What did you want to show me?" I ask following him inside.
"More like tell you." He smiles.
"What?" I ask getting nervous.
"I know it's only a day since we met but I really like you. I know you are with Carson but could you give me a chance?" He takes my hand.
"This is wrong Harry." I say.
"Live a little." He smiles and pulls me closer to him.
"I can't Harry." I turn my head away.
He puts my face between his hands and kisses me. I get so caught up in the moment that I actually kiss him back.
With Carson, I feel like the most beautiful girl in the world.
But with Harry, it's like the sparks never end.

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