Summer Love

This Is about a Girl named Amber who Goes to a Beach house with her friends and Boyfriend for the Summer. When finding out one direction are Next door to their Cabin what Will happen to Amber and Her Friends.. Read on...


1. 1.

"You guys! Let's go!" Carson honks his horn from outside.
"Coming!" I yell.
Natalie and Rosie drag their bags outside. Brittany is already in the car. I say goodbye to my parents and head outside.
"So how long is this drive going to take?" I ask while jumping in the back seat.
"2 hours I think." Justin answers.
My friends Natalie, Rosie, Brittany, Justin, Mike, Alex, my boyfriend Carosn, and I decided to spend the summer at a beach house. We have been planning this for months and it's finally happening.
Alex helps Natalie put her bags in. They exchange a quick kiss and jump back into the car. We finally start going to the beach house. I hope we get there fast.
♥ ♥ ♥
We carry our bags in the house and it's beautiful. There are only 5 rooms, so some people have to share rooms. Everywhere you look there's a perfect view of the beach. We get there just as the sun is about to set so the view is breathtaking. Everyone claims a room.
Rosie and Brittany share a room. Carson and Mike get their own rooms. I share a room with Natalie. That leaves Justin and Alex together.
"This is going to be the best summer ever." Natalie smiles at me as we unpack.
"I hope." I smile and hang my clothes in the closet.
"They do fireworks every Wednesday night. I just love fireworks." She squeals.
I have to admire her enthusiasm. She makes everything positive and fun.
"We are going down to the beach." Carson walks in.
Natalie immediately runs out to catch up with the others.
He smiles at me and grabs my waist pulling me closer to him.
"I can't believe I get to spend the summer with the most beautiful girl ever." He smiles.
'Rosie? Yes, she's gorgeous." I joke.
"No silly. You." He kisses me.
I pull away. "Let's go."
"I rather be alone with you." He tries to kiss me again.
"Later." I smile and walk out.
This is going to be the best summer ever.

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