In-Game Reality - Slender (A Cryaotic Fan-Fiction)

Kaitlin Turner was going back to the States to visit her brother Toby Turner. While he is doing a livestream Kaitlin rings up to say she is stuck in traffic. It is a very interesting phone call...


2. The Beginning

Toby's P.O.V-

"AAAAAH! I'm screwed! I'm so screwed!" I whimpered for the 5th time in half an hour. I was doing a LiveStream. The line-up is; Slender, Amnesia, Minecraft, Dishonoured and Happy Wheels. At the moment I'm playing Slender, hence my extreme manliness.

"GOD DANGIT!! GAWDDAANGIT!!!!" I yelled as Slendy got me. BVVVT... BVVVT

'I can swing my sword, swo-' I grabbed my phone

"Sorry Audience it's my little sister. Audience?! You wanter me to put her on speaker?" I asked. My twitter exploded with tweets containing different variations of 'Yes'. I put her on speaker phone so all the Audience could hear her.

"You! I! GAH! 4 years!! 4 God dangit!" She said sounding annoyed.

"So what was it you wanted then sis?" I asked restarting Slender.

"This dude isn't moving so I'm gonna be a while" She replied exasperatedly.

"GOD DANGIT!!" I shouted as my computer screen went white.

"Wha-" Her sentance ended with her letting out an ear-piercing scream that matched mine. I don't know what happened after that. I blacked out 

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