In-Game Reality - Slender (A Cryaotic Fan-Fiction)

Kaitlin Turner was going back to the States to visit her brother Toby Turner. While he is doing a livestream Kaitlin rings up to say she is stuck in traffic. It is a very interesting phone call...


1. Prologue

3rd Person -

*BEEP* Kaitlin Turner used the horn on her old Toyota.

"Oh my God! Hrry up Grandpa! It's gonna be midnight by the time you move!" Kaitlin shouted out the window. The man in front was staying stationary on a country lane so she couldn't overtake him.

"Gah!!" She cried out in desperation. Kaitlin had come back to the States to visit her brother. Toby Turner, yes the Toby Turner as in Tobuscus the famous youtuber.

"I better call him to tell him I'm going to be late" Kaitlin thought aloud.

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