Save You Tonight

17 year old Kira has been "Untouchable" since 1st grade but now that her friend Rhiannon has become 'unpopular', she is being bullied to the point where she is murdered. Niall finds her and thinks shes beautiful so he saves her and they become a couple. When Kira's bullies come back to get revenge, will Niall be able to save her again?


1. The Murder


Kira's POV

            The alarm clock blew up on my bedside table. It sang "It's Time To Wake Up", the song One Direction sang when they were trying to wake Harry and Zayn up. Somehow I managed to fiddle with it enough to illegally download it on my alarm clock. I don't know how so don't ask.

            I wasn't ready for another day of school. S.C.H.O.O.L, seven crappy hours of our lives. You know, it is the perfect acronym. Just another seven hours of perfect girls critiquing our imperfections. The boys going insane for the blondes or the gingers, each with bright personalities on the outside, but alas, it is only an act. Nobody ever pays attention to the dull brunettes. The shy ones, who want to show their inner pureness, but can never grip the confidence.

            Yes, I was friends with one of the popular girls. Her name was Rhiannon and she was not a fake. Yes, she had a boyfriend, Scottie, a football player. Rhiannon just happened to have just the right looks and technique in order to be popular. I'm considered one of the "Untouchables". I can't be bullied, teased, or 'touched' because I'm close with one of the popular girls. That, perhaps, gives me the last sigh of relief left in my body. That was about to change.

            The phone rang playing Rhiannon's ringtone that I had set for her, "Rock Me" again, by One Direction. I picked up, "Hello?" I asked, in a slumbery voice since I had just woke up.

            "Kira! I have the worst news! Yvette stood me up! She said, 'Ever since you got that pink streak in your hair, you've stood out! We all have clean, pure hair. Do you see color in anybody else's hair?' and then I got so mad that I said, 'Why yes, I see it in everybody's hair actually! Yvette, you're a natural brunette. Leila, you really have black hair. Mira, you used to always have such fun hair! You always dyed it blue, or green, or red! Now that Yvette has brainwashed you, your dull and boring like the rest of them!' and then Yvette finally said, ' That's it, Rhiannon! You're done here! You and your friend Kira are officially touchable and boy, are we gonna hit you so hard!'"

            My heart dropped to my stomach. This is exactly what I needed, this is the exact position I needed to be in! "Rhiannon--I--I--"

            "Wait," she continued, "Here's the worst part!" Well, I don't know how this could get much worse! "Scottie...he...he," I could hear her voice crack, "He broke up with me!"

            I gasped overdramatically. "Babe, listen you don't need him! If he only dated you because you were popular, than he's not good enough!" I said, because I know that's what she wanted to hear.

            "Listen," she was wrapping up now. "I just wanted to apologize for this. I know this is the last thing you wanted."

            "It’s okay hun, I'll be fine," I lied. "Bye, bye." I hung up.


            At school, I tried to avoid Yvette and the girls. I did a pretty good job, until the end of the day.

            I was walking to my bus when Scottie grabbed me by the waist and held my mouth shut. He picked me up and carried me behind the school, where Yvette and the other girls were waiting, with Rhiannon. "Lookie here," Yvette said. "Well here she is."

            "What's going on?" I asked, clichely.

            "Well, our lovely Rhiannon here was voted back into our clique! But on one condition, you still had to be touchable." I whipped my head to Rhiannon. I'm sorry, she mouthed. "This decision was apparently too hard for Rhiannon so we agreed that we would fix it. So Rhiannon can be happy and at ease, we are going to dispose of you permanently."

            "What?!" I screamed. "Rhiannon, how could you let anyone do this to me? How could you let her take advantage of you like that?" Scottie duck taped my mouth shut and also he secured my wrists together, behind my back, with a rope. I struggled but it was no use. Scottie dragged me over to the sewer by the library doors and Mira opened the lid.

            I looked down and saw death, his arms wide open saying Come to Papa! Rhiannon came up behind me and put her hands on my shoulders. She lifted the duck tape a little, "You don't have to do this," I whispered.

            "I'm sorry but yes, yes I do," and without any more conversation, she pushed me down the sewer. My neck must've caught on to a rung of the ladder because I stopped falling, but I couldn't breathe. I heard laughing in the background. Then, I stopped, just stopped breathing. Wow, who knew I was gonna die today?

Niall’s POV

            It seemed like a pretty normal day. The boys and I were driving to an interview. Liam was reading, Harry and Louis were tweeting, Zayn was checking his hair in the mirror, and I was eating, of course.

            Just then, we passed by a school, Wayne Harrison High, and there were children standing around the sewer opening laughing. “Hey,” I said, “Paul, tell the driver to pull over,”

            “I’m afraid not, Niall,” Paul said, “We’re going to be late for the interview!’

            “Paul! Something is wrong over there! Pull over!” I yelled.

            “Okay, okay! Brad, pull over,” he finally agreed.

            The car stopped and I flew out of the limo. I ran down a steep hill before I entered the school grounds. “What’s going on here?” I now spotted the sewer lid open.

            A girl with ratchet orange-ish hair came up to me. “Well hello handsome,” she said. “I’m Yvette and you know what I want?”

            “I don’t care what you want, ugly. I want to know what’s going on!” Just then, a large male came up behind me and grabbed me.

            “Throw him in,” Yvette laughed maniacally.

            “Wait!” another girl yelled. “You can’t throw him in! That’s Niall Horan, from One Direction!”

            “Oh, that gay boy band? Yeah, he’s definitely going in,” Yvette spoke again.

            The guy behind holding me pushed me closer to the sewer opening when I heard “Hey! What are you guys doing?” Louis! It was him and the boys stomping closer to the troubled gang. Zayn snuck up behind the guy holding me and put him in a “Full Nelson”, setting me free. I glanced up the hill and saw Paul, phone in hand, probably calling the police. Suddenly, the ratchet redhead came behind me and tried to kick me in the ‘Man’s Spot’ but I turned around and punched her.

            I saw out of the corner of my eye, the girl that tried to spare me running away. “Hey you, stop right there!” As I grabbed her waist, I heard sirens in the background.

            “No!” she screamed and ran out of my arms, but right into Liam’s.

            I decided to see why the teens were here in the first place. I looked down the sewer and saw a girl, hanging on the ladder. The ladder was red, drenched with blood. I might not survive, but I would not let her suffer like that, so I jumped. I caught on to the ladder and picked the girl up. I came out of the sewer, alive, and the police had the teens handcuffed.

            I laid the girl down and studied her. Long, dark brown hair, quite skinny, lots of black makeup. Those other people must’ve been bullies and they murdered her, for being different. There was a shift inside my stomach. I wanted her, she was beautiful, I wanted her to be my princess.

            “Someone call an ambulance!” I screamed. I felt tears leaking from my eyes. I’ve never felt anything like this before. I wanted to do everything in my power to help this girl.

            “It’s okay Nialler,” Harry touched my shoulder, “We got it,”

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