ultimate joke book everz...

lots of jokes to crack you up with laughter or try them on friends and family


1. monster mayhem

on which day do monsters eat people?  CHEWSDAY!

where can you find a really ugly monster? TAKE A LOOK IN THE MIRROR!

what does a polite monster say when he meets you for the first time? PLEASED TO EAT YOU!

why did the monster eat the lightbulb? HE WANTED A LIGHT SNACK

why did the monster keep his trumpet in the fridge? BECAUSE HE LIKED COOL MUSIC!

whats a monsters favourite soap opera? BEASTENDERS

why did the monster take toilet paper to the party? BECAUSE HE'S A PARTY POOPER!

whats a monsters favourite game? SWALLOW THE LEADER!

whats a monsters favourite food? I-SCREAM!

what haircare product do monsters use? SCARESPRAY!

why did the monster take two pairs of pants when he went golfing? INCASE HE GOT A HOLE IN ONE!

how do you stop a monster from charging? TAKE AWAY HIS CREDIT CARD!

how do monsters like their eggs? TERROR-FRIED!

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