ultimate joke book everz...

lots of jokes to crack you up with laughter or try them on friends and family


2. knock...knock...doctor...doctor...

knock, knock whos there? boo. boo who? DONT CRY ITS ONLY A JOKE!

will you remember me in a minute? yes. an hour? yes. a day? yes. a week? a month? a year? knock, knock whos there? YOUVE FORGOTTON ME ALREADY!

knock, knock whos there? im a pile-up im a pile-up who? HE HE HE HE HE!

knock knock whos there? im going to eat im going to eat who? IM GOING TO EAT YOU!

doctor doctor my hair keeps falling out can you give me anything to keep it in? DOCTOR: YES HERES A PAPER BAG!

doctor doctor i think im a bridge doctor: whats come over you? SIX CARS, TWO TRUCKS AND A BUS

doctor doctor i have a serious problem i can never remember what i just said. doctor: when did you notice this problem? WHAT PROBLEM?

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