ultimate joke book everz...

lots of jokes to crack you up with laughter or try them on friends and family



why are graveyards always noisy? BECAUSE OF ALL THE COFFIN

what do you give sick pigs? OINKMENT!

what do you get if you walk under a cow? A PAT ON THE HEAD

whats round white and giggles? A TICKLED ONION!

what do you call a fairy that doesnt bath? STINKERBELL!

whats a sheeps favourite toy? BAAARBIE

whats a cows favourite dance move? THE MOO-NWALK

what did the puppy say when he sat on sand paper? GRR, ROUGH,ROUGH,ROUGH

why did the monster take a pencil to bed? SO HE COULD DRAW THE CURTAINS

why was the mermaid embarrassed? BECAUSE SHE SAW THE BOATS BOTTOM

lucy takes her pet puppy to the vets my puppys got a cold the vet pick him up and examines him im sorry lucy im going to have to put your pet down why? because hes got a cold? NO SAYS THE VET HES TO HEAVY.

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