Who are you to tell me what to do

Diana is being treated like a snip of dust by her boyfriend, so she leaves him. But running away is hard. Unless she meets someone famous...


4. Why me niall

We all set down to the local pub for a quick pint before the boys had to go. It was good fun, I'll admit but I was more of a party girl!!! I suppose we did do a couple of good games. Spin the bottle was one. I went first which clearly meant I had to kiss one of the boys. The advantage was for the sake of paps it would only be a cheek kiss. I spun the bottle and it landed on Niall. It was quickly over though. Few. But then I looked at the time and I said, "well boys, time to go to sleep!" "Actually. Niall said rubbing the back of his head, "I'd like you to come back with us. To stop for the night!" Honestly, who could say no! So we all set off back to their holiday home. When we got there, I stumbled in astonishment. It looked like the White House! I looked at Harry as he proudly pronounced that he was the one that ordered the house to be built! As we stepped in the door, Niall grabbed my hand and took me to his room. He smiled at me before he opened the door. Slowly, he twisted the nob and opened it. But instead of walking in he picked me up and threw me on the bed! Then he bent down and kissed me passionately! But I stopped him. "Why me niall?" I whispered, "why not some other girl?" We'll," he smiled and bent closer? "Your the fiesty one!" And then he resumed what I paused!!"
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