Who are you to tell me what to do

Diana is being treated like a snip of dust by her boyfriend, so she leaves him. But running away is hard. Unless she meets someone famous...


9. That body

The next morning I woke up with a tray on my lap. It was breakfast in bed made by the one and only Niall Horan! "O your such a sweetie!" I said rubbing my eyes. Once I'd finished, I got dressed and walked downstairs. There was a knock at the door as I went to leave. It was the police! "O umm, the boys arn't available autographs. Come back later." I said, trying to get past. Stopping me they sternly said, "no we not here for that. Your Lisa hallowell? I need to talk to you, Niall horan, Kayleigh harbony and Harry styles. Are they in?" I couldn't get past them. We all sat in the lounge and we told them everything. By the end of it, me and Kad were in tears. Niall and Harry had to go to the station to get a caution certificate. Me and Kad were in absolute bits when they left so we called up all the boys. They came and gave us comfort until the boys came back.
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