Who are you to tell me what to do

Diana is being treated like a snip of dust by her boyfriend, so she leaves him. But running away is hard. Unless she meets someone famous...


3. Thank you

The next day, Niall texted me. He said he wanted me to go to the recording studio to listen to them recording their new song, live while we're young. I asked if I should know the address so I could give it to the taxi driver, but they said they'd pick me up (I couldn't say no after!) I got ready and sprayed myself like 300 times with my Perfume. Kad couldn't make it anyway because of work so she was disappointed. Their van pulled up at 11 but only Niall was in it. They apparently all go in separate vans to decrease the chance of loads of paps. "Last night," Niall said, "well, thank you-"
"Look I know what I did was-" I began but then I paused. "For what?" I asked in a gentle voice. Niall said nothing. As we pulled up though, he kissed my cheek firmly. There was no time to say anything because before I knew it, we had met the boys and they were in the studio. They sounded amazing! A few hours later when they'd finished, Harry looked at me and asked, "wanna join us, we're going to the pub?"
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