Who are you to tell me what to do

Diana is being treated like a snip of dust by her boyfriend, so she leaves him. But running away is hard. Unless she meets someone famous...


10. Goodbye

Niall and Harry got home at completely different times. Niall came back first and turned on the light as he stumbled through the door arch. He lifted the cover of me and sat on the edge of the bed. "How did this happen? How did we all of a sudden just start dating? I just can't remember how this came between us. No. I'm sorry Lisa. I just think that it's to risky. You need to leave!" I tried telling him that it's drunk talk and he'll forget this in the morning, but he wouldn't hear it. I got dressed and crept into kad's room. She flung the covers off her as I sat on the bed. "Kad. Niall dumped me. So I'm gonna go. You and Harry are perfect for each other. You and him has to stay together. But I must go. I'm taking a train to Liverpool and I'll be living with my parents. Call me if you need me!" My eyes filled up. Before she could even ask why, I ran out the door. I sent the boys a text (not niall) to tell them the same thing as I said to Kad. As I hopped into a cab, I looked up at the house. "I'll miss you Niall. And you Kad!" I whispered as we pulled off. The train journey was long and my heart was throbbing with pain. I kept asking myself over and over again why would niall say that? I finally arrived at my parents house and knocked on the door. They were as pleased to see me as I was to see them. I gave them a hug and stepped inside.
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