Who are you to tell me what to do

Diana is being treated like a snip of dust by her boyfriend, so she leaves him. But running away is hard. Unless she meets someone famous...


1. Bye bye old man

My uncle died. My boyfriend didn't care. What could I now say. But get rid of the old man!

"So let me get this straight, your braking up with me... Hahaha!" Dan (my boyfriend) spluttered as he ate his pickle sandwich. Rolling my eyes, I stood up at threw coffee over him. As I chuckled, I ran out of the door before he could get me. Twitter was buzzing with humour that night. They loved it.

Crashing at my friends made the joke more than comical. She gave me more ideas to expand the trick. Everyone knew her as Kadstar but her name was really Kayleigh. We have had some real laughs in our collage years and we still do one year on! "Omg, dan texted. He wants me to kidnap you and take you to him!" Kad stopped excitement. Also, I stopped. We looked at each other an laughed. It seemed ok at the time, but now it's a big regret.

As it got later on, our stomach was calling for nandos. So we went to that place. We then met someone extraordinary!!!
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