Cursed Love


2. Chapter 2

I had to quit school for this stupid idiot...his name was Josh.

"Hey Sam, can you go out and get me some food for the party tonight?" Josh asked me while coming into my room...well the room I have been staying in for awhile. He treats me like his own child...I just turned 18 years old.

"Sure. Just let me get changed into my day-time clothes." I responded while standing up from my bed.

"You dont have to." he said while taking my hand in his and leading me out of my room...there I saw 5 guys staring at me.

"Who are these guys?" I whisper asked in his ear.

"Guys this is Sam...Sam meet Harry, Zayn, Niall, Louis, and Liam." he introduced us.

"Still doesnt tell me who these guys are." I applied.

"I am the drummer to there band...One Direction." he responded with a smile.

"Im off to the store." I claimed, while grabbing my purse...someone held me back, I turned to see Niall.

"Can I come with?" he asked in his amazing irish accent.

"Josh can he come with me?" I asked Josh while looking into Niall's eyes.

"Haha ya sure. I will stay here with the others." he responded with a chuckle. With that me and Niall left the house. We both chose to walk, because we wanted some time to talk.

"So how do you know Josh?" he asked while taking my hand in his.

"Haha thats a story I rather not tell." I claimed while chuckling.

"Please tell me." he begged.

"Swear not to tell anyone?" I asked as we both stopped and looked into each-others eyes.

"Swear on food." he said while putting his hands up in the air, making me chuckle.

"Well...he was the person who broke into my school...I was the one who he kidnapped then he tokk me all the way here, claiming that I was his kid...but I forgave him and now I think of him as my best-friend." I answered.

"He kidnapped you?!" he could tell he was panicing.

"Ya...but its all good now." I claimed with a small smile.

"Dont you miss your parents?" he asked concerned.

"They passed away the day that he took me away..." I mumbled.

"I am so sorry...hey do you maybe wanna go on a date sometime?" he asked as we began walking again.

"Sure, I would like that." I said with a smile.

*******SKIPPING THE STORE*******

"That was so funny! Did you see that one fish jump out and land into that old-ladies hair?!" I said in between laughs as we reached back to the house. Niall opened the door for me.

"Thank you sir." I said with a british accent. Ya I am getting that british accent from hanging around London.

"Anytime." he said while nodding his head. We walked in and saw all the guys yelling at Josh...and Josh with his head in his hands.

"Woa! Whats going on guys?" I asked as I dropped the bags in my hands, and ran over to Josh.

"He told us that he kidnapped you." Liam explained.

"Its alright though. I am fine...and plus I like Josh, he is like my dad...but did Josh tell you that my parents died the day that this happend?" I questioned. It was true though, Josh always acted like my dad, which made me greatful to have him with me.

"No...he didnt. We're sorry mate." Zayn said while he patted Josh on his back.

"Who wants to go to the bar tonight?" Harry asked smiling at his statement.

"I am staying here, especially what happend the last time." I claimed while standing up.

"What happend the last time?" Louis asked.

"She fell on some random guy...and that random guy was me...then we started making out." Josh replied. I shivered at the thought of that. It was to weird to make-out with him...I mean imagine making-out with your dad...thats what it seemed like...gross I know.

"Did it go any farther?" Liam asked sternly.

"Ewwww gross no! That would be like so....ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!" I screamed while running into my room like an idiot. I attempted to jump on my bed...which failed and I landed on my face.

"Ow" I moaned...causing Niall to rush into the room. Nobody else...but Niall.

"Babe, you ok?" he asked concerned while helping me up. I started to laugh...which turned into tears and me shaking my head 'no'. He slowly placed me in his arms and rocked me like a little baby. I slowly started to stop crying...once I stopped I looked into Niall's eyes...his wonderful mesmerizing eyes.

"I know we only met, but lets pretend its love." he whispered while looking into my eyes.

"We dont have to pretend." I let those words escape my mouth...slowly he leaned in and crashed his lips on mine. Sending shivers down my back. We both pulled away smiling. Our gaze was interrupted by someone clapping and whistling...I turned my gaze to the person and I saw Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn...and an angry looking Josh.

"Samantha! What was that?!" Josh exclaimed while walking over to me and Niall.

"That was making-out." I responded knowing that was the answer. Then he did the unexpected...he slapped me.

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