Cursed Love


1. Chapter 1

Blah blah blah in every single class we have to go through these lock-down drills, like that would ever happen to this school. I mean who would want to kidnap 8th graders?!

"Samantha! Are you even listening?!" Mrs. Williams asked annoyed.

"Ya...Im just taking notes." I lied.

"Okay." she said in defeat, then went back to that whole boring thing...oooooh I so made the perfect heart. Ugh now I messed it up...its so irritating. Suddenly I looked up from my journal and found everyone on the ground under there desks.

"Why is everyone under there desks?" I whisper-shouted, just as I finished saying that I was swooped up from my chair and over a shoulder. I started pounding on his back and kicking his stomach.

"LET ME GO!" I screeched, but nope he ran me all the way to his truck, placed me in the back seat...and drove off. Thats where I was a few years ago...and this is where I am now.

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