Love In The Air


1. The Love Starts

                                              My P.O.V

Today is the day that I go across the ocean to visit my cousin in London. I have my bag packed and I'm ready to go. I just need to find my phone. The best game in the world...... Find Morgans Phone! Who knows where that can be. I looked everywhere, so I just gave up. I poked my head in the fridge to get something to eat, and there it was! My phone was in the fridge! I must have layed it in there when I was getting something for breakfast. I toke my phone out of the fridge. "nothing to eat" I said to myself, "I'll go to Nandos" I went to Nandos to have lunch. I went home got my bag, and went to the airport. It was about time to get on the plane, so I went trough security and got on the plane. I was by myself so I would have to sit with a stranger. Great. When it was about time for the plane to take off, a curly haired boy with green eyes and a cheeky smile sat down next to me. "hes cute!" I said inside my head. This flight isn't going to be that bad.

                                                         Harry's P.O.V

Today we're (me and the boys) going to visit Lou's family. When we got through security, and got our tickets, I discovered that I was the odd one out and had to sit with a complete stranger. That's just great. I got on the plane and looked for my seat. My seat was 5D. 1D (hey that's us!), 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D. Finally. There's a pretty girl in seat 5C. Might have a crush on her. What am I saying! I do have a crush on her. I go to the seat behind her. Lou and Liam were sitting there. I told them about her. "We will be taking off in a minute" the air hostess said. I sat down in my seat and pulled of a cheeky smile.She was on her phone so she probably didn't notice me. "hi" I said. "Hey" she replied "I'm Harry" I said showing off my cheekiness. " I'm Morgan" she replied showing off her dimples.  "How old are you?" I asked. I must sound super noisy, but oh well! YOLO!  "I'm 17, 18 soon! Only a week!" She replied in the happiest voice. "Cool! I'm 18" I wonder if she knows I'm in One Direction. She put down her phone and said "yeah I know, your in One Direction" "Oh so you know who I am!" I said surprised. We talked for a while. She whipped out her phone and started texting?  I think she was texting. Louis popped his head up and saw what Morgan was texting her friend. "Harry! Morgan says that your super cheeky and hot!" Lou screamed. Morgan blushed, A LOT! I laughed at her, but then Lou said "OMG! Harry loves you too!" I could feel my checks go red. I could just kill him for that.

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