Love In The Air


2. The Big Question

Louis' P.O.V

So my Haz likes that slut huh? Well I'm going to have to do something about that. Woah, woah woah calm down Lou you haven't even meet her. "the plane will take off in a minute" the air hostess said. Harry got up and went to his seat with a cheeky smile on his face. Ugh! I just want Hazza to myself! But I have to learn to share him, so I will give this girl a shot. I heard them talking a lot, and man, Harry sounds so weird! He sounds right in her face. It must be awkward to her. They talked for a long time, but then it stopped. I put my head up over the seat to see what was going on. I tried not to let them see me, but Harry saw me, so I gave him a shhhhhhh face. I could see that she was texting her friend about Harry, so I read it. It said 'Hey Nicette! I'm sitting with Harry Styles on the plane! Hes super cheeky and hot.' so I yelled out "Harry! Morgan says that you are super cheeky and hot!" she started blushing, and then I noticed that Harry was laughing at her so I said "OMG! Harry loves you too!" and Harry blushed like mad, I probably shouldn't have said that hes probably going to kill me. "Lou! Shutup! I hate you!" he yelled. I just laughed at him.

My P.O.V

Oh My God! Harry likes me! Well I never saw this coming. "Lou! Shutup! I hate you!" Harry yelled. Louis just laughed and laughed. I'd say it would be funny from his position. "Ok  Louis if you're just going to laugh at me then sit your ass back down on your seat." Harry said. He actually seemed angry now. Not really though. "so....." I said awkwardly. This was really awkward now. "you like me do you?" he asked laughing. "yeah well you like me too!" I said teasingly. "well, do you want to go out?" he asked after a while of silence. "yeah I'd love to." I said. "ok so where are you going anyways?" he asked "I'm going to London, where are you going?" I replied "The rest of the boys and I are going to visit Lou's family, in Doncaster." he started with a sad face. "But I can come to London to visit you" he finished winking. "ok" I said. I told him where my cousin lived and I gave him my number, and he gave me his. "so on saturday I will come to London and pick you up at your cousins house, and bring you somewhere special for a date." he said smiling. "yup thats right you'll bring me somewhere special" I said laughing. It was time for me to get off the plane. But I dont want to leave Harry! Calm down Morgan! You'll get to see him on Saturday. Just the thought of it made me smile. My day was already complete. "bye" I said "bye love" he said giving me a kiss on the cheek.



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