Love In The Air


4. Shopping!

A/N Sorry I didn't update for a while, my keyboard was being a retard.

-Morgan xo

Morgan's P.O.V

When I got to my cousin Nicette's house, I told here that I had a date with the Harry Styles. "No way! I hate you!" She screamed. "Hey! You can have Louis, Niall, Zayn, or Liam but Harry's mine!" I replied "NO! I want Hazza!" she yelled. "NO! HE'S MINE!" I protested. We sound like little children fighting over a teddy bear. "Ok, fine" she gave in. "Good cause he is mine" I said. "Whatever, we need to go shopping for something to wear!" she said excitedly "yeah! We'll go tomorrow! I want to spend time with my favorite cousin first!" I smiled. "AWWWWWWWEEEE! Come here!" she gave me a big hug and nearly squeezed my guts out. "okay okay! Calm down!" We spent the whole day watching movies and eating popcorn, were such pigs. The next day I got dressed into my orange jeggings, mickey mouse shirt, and navy toms. When I came downstairs, Nicette said, "Nice pants" "Hey! Don't make fun of my awesome pants" I said. She laughed and said "Are you ready to go?" "Yeah" I replied. "Lets go then! This is going to be so much fun!" She said happily. We got in her car and drove to the mall. We went trough a couple stores and didn't find anything. "Only Top-Shop agrees with me..." I said. Nicette laughed. "okay, we'll go there now." She said "Yay!" I screamed. I love top-shop. I think it's the best store ever. When we walked into top-shop, I already saw what I wanted. A cute summery dress. "Oh my.." I said walking over to the dress. "I want this!" I said "if you want it then buy it! But you should also get some shoes." "Yeah!" I picked out my size of the dress and went to the shoe section. I found really cute sandals there, they were beige with rhinestones going do the part where it connects from your ankle to your toes."These!" I screamed showing them to Nicette. "Wow! Those are gorgeous!" She said amazed. "I know!" I said happily. "Go try on the dress and the shoes. I want to see how it looks."She said "Me too!" I said heading toward the changing rooms. I put on the dress and sandals. Wow they were amazing together. I came out of the change room to show Nicette. "Wow! You look gorgeous girl!" She laughed "thank you"I laughed. "Now go pay for them so we can spend the rest of the day together!" She said "Yes master" I giggled as I went to the check out. When I came out of the store with Nicette I said "I told you only top-shop agrees with me!" She laughed. We went home so I could put my stuff in my room. "My friend is having a party tonight, wanna come with me?" She asked "Of course!" I laughed. We both got ready for the party. I came downstairs with a cute pink tank top, jean shorts, and a pair of toms. Nicette was wearing a one direction tank top, red shorts, and black vans. "Ready to go?" she asked smiling. "Yeah! And by the way, nice shirt" I laughed. "Thanks, it's my favorite one" she smiled. And with that we went to the party. 

Harry's P.O.V

When I got off the plane, we went to Louis' house. We went to dinner and went to the movies. The next day me and Liam planned to go shopping. So I woke up and got ready, Liam was downstairs eating breakfast, so I joined him. "Does anyone want to come shopping with us?" I asked. "I want to come!" yelled Fizzy. "Okay, come on!" I yelled. Liam, Fizzy (Louis' sister) and I got in the car and drove to the mall. "So what are you going to get for your date with Morgan?" Fizzy asked. "oh, um..I'm going to get... wait how do you know?!" I asked. "Louis told me..." she started "He can't keep his mouth shut." we all laughed. "Well I'm going to get a new suit" I smiled. "OH! Fancy!" she giggled "she must be really important." "yeah she is" I said. "awwwwe!" she squealed. "shut up!" I laughed. "Harry and Morgan sitting in a tree.." she started. Liam joined in with her "k-i-s-s-i-n-g" "SHUT UP!" I laughed. "ok ok, fine!" she gave in. Finally, sometimes she's so annoying! "Well lets go into this store," Liam said pointing to a store with suits in the window. We went into the store, I found a suit and tried it on. I really liked it so I bought it. "So is that everything?" Liam asked. "No actually I'm going to buy a bouquet of flowers, but I don't want to buy them yet, because they would die before I get there." I said. "Awwwwe! Romantic!" Fizzy said "Cheeky Styles right there." Liam said laughing. "Yeah I know" I said smiling. We had lunch at Nandos. Fizzy wanted to go shopping, so we followed her.

Fizzy's P.O.V

I went shopping with Liam and Harry. First we followed Harry so he could get something for his date with Morgan. Louis told me about her. Just so I'm not worried? That's what he said. After Harry bought a suit, we had lunch at Nandos. We bought something for Niall, because if we didn't and he asked what we had for lunch, and we said we had Nandos, he'd be pissed. After lunch, I wanted to go shopping so we went to some shops. I found a really cute dresse that I loved, so I tried it on. "That looks gorgeous on you!" Liam said. I blushed. "Thank you" I smiled. "But I can't get it" I said noticing the price tag. "Why not?" Liam asked. I walked into the change room toke the dress off  and got changed."Because its 400 euros. I can't afford that!" I said sadly, opening the door of the change room. "I'll buy it for you" Liam said. "Oh no, I can't let you do that." I said. "If I didn't  want to, then I wouldn't have offered." He said grabbing the dress out of my hands and heading to the check out. "thank you Liam" I said happily as we left the store. "No problem" He smiled. I love Liam, I have to admit. With his big brown eyes, and his brown hair, and kind personality. 

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