Love In The Air


7. Chapter 7


My P.O.V

Well, this is the worst date I've every been on. I had an afro for gods sake! I mumbled bad things under my breath of Louis. I mumbled a few bad words too. I think Harry heard me though. He looked down at me and said "I know this is bad, but you don't have to say bad things about Louis." "I know he's your man crush," I started, laughing, "But look at what he did to me!" I finished, wringing out my drenched dress and attempting to flatten my hair. Harry laughed. "At least you look good with an afro." He said. "Are you kidding me?! I look like a clown." I said, trying to flatten my hair again. "Yeah, but a your beautiful clown." He said kissing my cheek. I shyly smiled, and looked down. Harry put his finger on my chin, and lifted my head up. I looked into his green eyes. He moved in closer, then he kissed me. 


Harry`s P.O.V 

Yes, yes, I kissed her. Anyways, after, we held hands as we walked to my car. When we got to the car, I opened the door for her then closed it when she got in. Then I walked to the drivers side and got in. I turned on the radio, and Morgan and I were jamming out the rest of the way home. It was a fun ride. So fun that I didn't  take her home right away. We went to the ice-cream store and I got ice-cream for her, and myself. Since she didn't  want to go in because of her afro. We rode around town until the ice-cream was all gone. Then I toke her home. I got out and opened the door for her, and closed it when she was out. We walked up to her front door. I gave her a hug and said good-bye and kissed her again. She smiled and went inside. When I got home, I told Louis that his `plan` didn't work, and we had a great time after he left. 


Louis` P.O.V

Ugh. My plan didn't work! How did it not work!? I just don't get it. I stomped into my room to my plan book. How am I going to get her to leave? Hmm ... Maybe I should visit her, and apologize to her. But I wont actually mean it. Then, I`ll secertly place a video camera in her house! Or in her coat! Yeah! In her coat! Then I can see where she is all the time! I walked out of the room, and put my shoes on. "I'm going for a drive." I said opening the door. "Ok, see ya." Fizzy said. I got in my car, and drove to Morgans house. When I got to her house, I knocked on her door. A girl opened the door and said "Hello, My name is Nicette. Are you looking for Morgan?" "Hi I'm Louis. And uh.. yes and no." I said. "Ok, one sec." She said. "Morgan! Someones at the door for you!" She yelled. Morgan ran down the stairs. When she saw me, she started walking back up the stairs slowly. "Wait!" I said. She stopped and came down. "I'm sorry" I said. I actually meant it though.Oh well. Forget the plan. I never knew she had a roommate! And a pretty one too. 


A/N OMFG! I'm sooooo sorry! What has it been? Like three months!? I'm really sorry, I got caught up in soccer, and swimming, and skating, and school and I had no time to update! Also, sorry if there are any mistakes, my keyboard is just a little retard that doesn't like to make the punctuation right. Like the ? isn't actually the ? button, its shift and 6... Ugh stupid computer :/ I really need a new one! -Morgan xo :3     


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