Love In The Air


6. Chapter 6

Harrys P.O.V
I was running so late! Morgan was probably wondering where I am. At least I was already pretty much there. I knocked on her door and waited for her to answer but it was another girl who opened the door. "Hi you must be Harry," the girl said, she was pretty but Morgan was prettier. "Yeah, what's your name love?" I asked kissing her hand. "Nicette," she replied as she blushed. "Well it's nice to be meeting you Nicette, but where's Morgan?" I asked, I was in a rush. "One second," Nicette said as she held up her index finger. I nodded in reply. "MORGAN! Harry's here! I think he's asking for his hand in marriage!," Nicette yelled, I chuckled until I heard Morgans voice, "Harry's proposing? Well let's go elope in Vegas, Harry!" She was just playing along with the joke. "Well, lets get married after our date!" I yelled back. Both Nicette and Morgan chuckled to each other. "Shall we?" I said holding my hand out to take hers. "Yes we shall," Morgan said as she gave me one of her hypnotizing smiles. I grabbed her hand and proceeded to my car. We both got in our seats and put on our seat belts. "So Harry, where are you taking me?" She asked looking straight out the window. "Well certainly not Vegas," she let out a laugh. I drove us to a small park and set out a picnic blanket with a picnic basket on top. I took out some sandwiches and we started eating.

My P.O.V

I had been waiting for Harry to arrive and pick me up for our date for like 25 minutes. I was wearing navy blue cloth shorts, a tank top that was also blue but slightly lighter than my shorts. I was wearing a cute fashionable blazer and black converse. I had my hair all curled up and u was getting worried that it was going to lose its volume. I was watching a movie with Nicette when I got a bit hungry. I went to the kitchen and got a cheese stick. I finished eating it and was washing my
hands until Nicette called out, "MORGAN! Harry's here and he's asking for your hand in marriage!" I wanted to play along and I yelled, "Harry's proposing? We'll let's go elope in Vegas!" I walked out of the kitchen and saw Harry being so cute. "Well lets go on our date and then we can get married," he said. I turned my face to Nicette and we chuckled towards each other. "Shall we?" Harry said smiling and showing off his dimples. "Yes we shall," I said giving him a shy smile. After a while, we arrived at this little park. He set out a picnic blanket and a boric nix basket. We started eating and talking. But not long after we started talking I felt little ticks and sharp pains at the back of my brown/blonde hair and my back.

Louis' P.O.V

I was here! Now time to start my plan. I hid behind a couple of bushes at this park where Harry brought Morgan. They were having a picnic. I rounded up some pebbles and twigs. I waited until after they ate to start throwing the seeds. Morgan was quiet she didn't say anything to Harry about being hit on the back. So I'm guessing she was trying to keep her cool. She really wanted to keep this 'date' to keep on going. They both decided to go on a walk. They put the water and remaining food on a table by them and they held hands putting their fingers through each other. They turned their backs away from the food and I got out of the bushes. I got the water slowly ran up behind Morgan and threw it on her. She froze for a moment and reacted to the cold water. She grabbed a hold of her hair and yelled "My hair! It's going to get all frizzy!" She ran towards the bathroom and closed the door. She didn't see me because the bathroom was infront of them. I ran back up to the bushes and snuck my way to my car. "Mission accomplished," I said to myself as I backed my car out of its parking space. I drove away with a satisfied smile.
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