Love In The Air


3. Chapter 3


I've gotten to lazy to make up tittles for each chapter so don't hate me........

Harry's P.O.V

YES! I've got a date with Morgan! My cheekiness has payed off! When I got off the plane I felt really lonely, but then Louis came and sat in her seat. "Why are you here?" I asked. "I asked if I could switch seats, and since I'm the Swagmaster from Doncaster, she said yes." He said proudly. "Oh yeah I'm sure that's why." I started "You missed me!!" I teased. "Yes I have missed you Hazza! Love you!" He said. I laughed at him. "No I'm joking, I wanted to hear about the big date!" Lou said. I told him where I was going to take her, and he had an evil smirk on his face. Hmm I wounder what he's up to? "Shes going to love it!" Lou started, "And you!" "Shutup Louis! She already does.`` I said happily. I`m glad I have a date with her. I really like her.

Louis` P.O.V  

Ok I`ve got everything I need to know for the date. I`m making sure that Haz is all mine. But no one can know about my plan. Not even Liam`s turtle Borris. I just got to wait until Saturday, and get what I need to destroy their date. I might sound like a total jerk, but I`m sorry, all the time that I knew Hazza, he didn`t have a girlfriend, so I didn`t have to share him with anyone. Well, except his mom and Gemma....... Look, my point is I never had to share my Haz a lot because he has never had a girlfriend. On Saturday, me and Haz could be playing lazer tag, but instead  he is going on a date with Morgan. 

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