The Adventures Of Binkleman The Brave

In memory of my dear little kitten Cougar who was nearly 2monthes old when he sadly passed away. Also in memory of the main character in this book. My sweet little Binx who became my first little black cat and died a while back now.

This book is dedicated to my boy Nathan who I finally got back because what happens in '!No Nathanial No!' really happened. I miss Cougar & Binx but at least I still got my dear Nathanial.

Hope you enjoy then, this may seem stupid to some but I promised Binx I would finish all the series and so here they are.



19. What Now?

After a few days of general chatting, loving and life stories we soon decided it was time to head on and search for Coraline. We tried looking in a huge forest. We didn't get far though because a fox scared us back out into the street lights filling the night sky. We walked on for, it seemed like miles. Still with no luck we decided to find a resting place for tonight. We looked all over town. Soon after hours of searching, we came to a harbour full of small boats. We skipped all the tiny paddle boats and went straight to a massive ship that looked like a house to me who had once been in one. We walked up the plank of wood leading to the open entrance. We were on the open deck and decided to head on till we found some kind of a cubby hole to rest in safety from the many humans who seemed to live here. We found a massive, dark storage room full of wooden boxes and food. It reminded me of where Cougar's gang sleep so I felt safe sleeping there. As I as slept on I swear the whole house like object was moving. But taking no notice of this I fell asleep.

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