The Adventures Of Binkleman The Brave

In memory of my dear little kitten Cougar who was nearly 2monthes old when he sadly passed away. Also in memory of the main character in this book. My sweet little Binx who became my first little black cat and died a while back now.

This book is dedicated to my boy Nathan who I finally got back because what happens in '!No Nathanial No!' really happened. I miss Cougar & Binx but at least I still got my dear Nathanial.

Hope you enjoy then, this may seem stupid to some but I promised Binx I would finish all the series and so here they are.



33. The Hunt For Food & Water

The crew all decided that we needed to go into the forest to hunt whatever animals were on the island or to collect fruit or to find fresh drinking water as we can't drink salty sea water without probably killing us. There was lots of fruit in the forest. Enough to feed us all in the shape of bananas. The crew found some bird eggs and stole them. A man had made sharp spears for a few of the men and they successfully killed a boar. The women in the group of people went a separate way in search for water and found a river with a waterfall. It was clear water with no sea salt in it and it was drinkable so they collected some in buckets. As the crew headed back to the wooden house they had made me and Nathan followed at there heels in hope for a little bit of food soon, as we were starving. The crew ate some banana and drank a cup full of water each. Me and Nathan got some water but were still very hungry. They began to roast the boar over a fire they took a long time to light the fire. The boar was very tasty as the crew offered some of the pink meat to me and Nathan. We both desperately scoffed the lot down hoping for more. Our wish was granted as the boar was so big and we got the leftovers.

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