The Adventures Of Binkleman The Brave

In memory of my dear little kitten Cougar who was nearly 2monthes old when he sadly passed away. Also in memory of the main character in this book. My sweet little Binx who became my first little black cat and died a while back now.

This book is dedicated to my boy Nathan who I finally got back because what happens in '!No Nathanial No!' really happened. I miss Cougar & Binx but at least I still got my dear Nathanial.

Hope you enjoy then, this may seem stupid to some but I promised Binx I would finish all the series and so here they are.



21. Realization

Me and Nathan woke up as we were rocked from side to side hitting the walls of the dark room. As we finally plucked up the courage and got a chance to stand up we left the cubby hole to find out why we were rocking side to side so much. The sight we saw really scared us. The house had been washed out to sea. I realized it was a ship. Would we ever get home. We felt ourselves suddenly being lifted off the ground. A ginger haired bloke with a big bushy beard was holding us in each hand. He went up to a man with a black hat on with a silver anchor in the middle of it. He was obviously the captain because the ginger bloke spoke suddenly in a booming voice to him. "Oi captain, look what I found on deck!" The captain admired us for a few seconds before looking at the bloke and saying "oh, they must of snuck on before we left". The ginger bloke then said "well um, should we take them home Captain, I mean a ship is no place for two cats to wander!" The captain stopped to think before replying with "uh, we have gone to far to go home now, they shall have to witness our whole voyage. Just to think some poor little girl may be missing her pets for 2 years". He looked sad while me and Nathan looked horrified. 2 years, what about my brother and my mum and Jess. I let out a meow of horror and tried to escape the blokes grip as he tightened and then said "so where will they stay?" The Captain then said thoughtfully "well it's a bit cruel to leave them shut in for so long, I suggest they just roam free on the whole ship, let them make themselves at home I guess". The captain then walked off as the bloke holding us walked into a huge white room full of nice smells of food. He gave us to a plump woman dressed all in white and wearing a tall white hat. He then said "feed these little chaps would you". He then walked off quickly before she could question his doing. She got us some warm chicken legs and a bowl of milk to share. After eating all the meat and a little bone then lapping up all the milk we left the food room. We were back on deck again. Cowering every time we saw a human go by. We found our sleeping quarters but a trap door was now shut to stop us getting in there. Another bloke bent down beside us saying sweetly "oh no you two don't, that's for storage only, no cats allowed down there". We did not understand any of what he had just said and so ran off as he attempted to stroke us. This was a strange place, we were expected to stay here for 2 years, and I hated it. I felt so isolated, so alone, even having my brother by my side did not seem to make me feel any better about our imprisonment.

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