The Adventures Of Binkleman The Brave

In memory of my dear little kitten Cougar who was nearly 2monthes old when he sadly passed away. Also in memory of the main character in this book. My sweet little Binx who became my first little black cat and died a while back now.

This book is dedicated to my boy Nathan who I finally got back because what happens in '!No Nathanial No!' really happened. I miss Cougar & Binx but at least I still got my dear Nathanial.

Hope you enjoy then, this may seem stupid to some but I promised Binx I would finish all the series and so here they are.



31. Going Down & Fast

The ship was sinking really fast after the sharp rock had punctured the side of the huge ship. The passengers had to get the life boats ready and grab whatever they could. As all the passengers got as much items and food and loaded it on the many life boats they all began to get in them and cut the ropes making the life boats hit the water below. The captain was last to leave along with the ginger bloke and a few other important men. We ended up on the Captain's life boat. As we got to a safe distance from the sinking ship we saw it go under. The men kept paddling in front of all the other life boats, leading the way through the night. As it started to get light we found a small island with a small beach and the rest seemed to be all forest. We all stopped at the island and the Captain lowered me and Nathan down onto the sandy beach as the people began unloading the life boats and trying to build a house out of bits of wood from the life boats. We stayed and watched them make the house.

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